Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Hopscotch

Seriously, it's not at all warm enough to play outside (living in Charlotte ruined me), but I'm sucking it up and doing it every day anyway because Luke is a happier kid to live with when he gets a little outdoors in his life. It's kind of tiring watching him push his toy mowers around, or hit golf balls, or blow bubbles with no end in sight - so I like to come up with something new to do every now and then. And since we're doing some Easter stuff this week, I drew up a little Easter-inspired hopscotch.

The idea is, you draw eggs in one color that stretch across a given space (with a clear start and finish), leaving hopping room between each egg. Then repeat that with 3-5 other colors. It should look something like this:

Our path started at our back stairs, and ended at the grass. The goal is to start at the beginning, pick a color (either just by choice, or by blindly grabbing a piece of chalk and matching it to the eggs you drew), and then hop across the path, jumping into eggs of that color only. Luke loved this, and kept going back to the beginning to jump through each color.


It hasn't rained, so we've gone back out to play with this again and again. Though of course, it's easy enough to re-draw if it does! Now come on 70 degrees, we miss you!

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