Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring & Summer Fun To Do List

Every day I'm inching towards my Spring & Summer of freedom. For the past 3 years of SAHM-hood, I've had some sort of restriction limiting me: no family or friends nearby, no car, an infant, a pregnancy, moving (twice), a babysitting job (or two) that doesn't allow me to leave the house. And finally - FINALLY - I am approaching a summer where all of those things are resolved, AND I'm almost completely done shedding my baby weight. This means that I am all-in, fully motivated for 5 or 6 months of fun, freedom, exploring, learning, and most importantly - absolutely soaking up my babies! Considering I have a fabulous time of coming up with ideas and then never remembering them, or can't think of anything "in the moment" when we're bored - I've made a list!

1. Make homemade frozen treats (ice cream, popsicles, ice cream sandwiches)
2. Make grill foil packets -
3. Make homemade lemonade
4. Make many, many, many batches of homemade sun tea
5. Let Luke plan a meal (go wild in the grocery store!)
6. Make homemade pizzas
7. Make homemade bread
8. Make pretzel bark

1. Visit the botanical gardens
2. Go to the canal fest for a polish platter, play some games, watch the parade, shop the craft show (hang out at lynne's booth!)
3. Go camping (to a real camp ground) with Grandpa C (Dad)
4. Go for ice cream, rock throwing, and a walk at the river
5. Plan a "playground tour" - Choose 3,4,5 playgrounds in the area to visit, make game plan for visiting them all & pack a picnic lunch
6. Visit the zoo
7. Go geocaching
8. Go strawberry & blueberry picking (mid July - late August)
9. Visit a public garden
10. Visit the library and load up on summery reads to enjoy on our picnics
11. Take a day trip to the beach
12. Go garage sale-ing
13. LOTS of trips to the farmer's market (NT)
14. Try out the Clarence farmer's market
15. Go to the canal and feed the ducks
16. Take Luke mini-golfing
17. Go to one of Amherst's outdoor concerts
18. Go for a walk on a trail (better yet, start a walking club)

1. Collect dryer lint for the birds
2. Make a yarn "feeder" for the birds to use in their nests -
3. Make a bird feeder/do something with bird seed - or (or both!)
4. Sprinkle oats & toss bad apples in the woods for the deer
5. Hang clothes to dry in the sun
6. Buy a farm share? (cost restricted)
7. Build/buy/set up a bird bath

1. Make a gnome garden with Luke
2. Plant/fill flower boxes
3. Expand our garden (build a second box)
4. Paint rocks to use as garden markers
5. Try out canning

1. Load up on rain gear & take a walk in the rain
2. Go puddle jumping
3. Bubbles - try glow in the dark or no-pop bubble recipes
4. Paint the patio - with water, with homemade liquid "chalk"
5. Fly a kite
6. Go on picnics - lots of them! once a week! (even if some of them are in the backyard)
7. Camp in the backyard
8. Make something other than marshmallows/smores/spider dogs on the fire - hobo pies? corn on the cob?
9. Cook breakfast entirely outdoors one day using only the fire pit & the grill
10. Buy a new (bigger?) kiddie pool
11. Build a "car" wash for outdoor ride-on toys
12. Play hopscotch
13. Make a backyard obstacle course
14. Draw a little town on the patio (roads, pond, trees, train tracks, beach) for Luke's cars & trains to drive on
15. Campfires are a given...we will have lots!

1. Host a small tea party
2. Let Luke stay up late and host a game night with snacks & a Grandparent or two
3. Make-your-own sundae mini-party
4. Bake a giant batch of cookies & deliver them to family & friends
5. Make Corned Beef & Cabbage for St. Patrick's Day and have family over
6. Throw a patriotic birthday party for H

1. Make a summer reading list & knock it out!
2. Crochet a springy afghan
3. Take Luke bowling
4. Write a book with Luke
5. Sew something!
6. Visit a pet shop or the SPCA
7.  Make an indoor obstacle course
8. Create an indoor beach

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