Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Crafts: Bird Seed Cutouts

Check us out! Our first official completed task from our Spring & Summer To Do List! I got the idea on Pinterest, which was linked to a blog called Smile Monsters.

Luke & I mixed this sticky concoction together while H took his nap, and took turns pressing it into Pam-sprayed cookie cutters. We did this on foil-lined baking trays, and then baked them for an hour at 170 degrees to dry them out. It was fairly simple for him to do - I gave him a spoon and instructed him to pack the seeds in really tight, and he had fun making the hole with a straw. They ended up sitting out for a couple days while I searched for twine (see note 1), so they were REALLY dry and ready to go.

Yesterday evening, during an unseasonably 75 degree day (seriously, this doesn't happen up here in MARCH!), I gave each of them some string to hang by, and we wandered around the yard, tying them on branches. I put 7 of them up, kept a few for replacements, and we're going to gift a few to family, too. If you're wondering, this recipe made 14 cut outs for us, but we used much shallower cookie cutters than the one pictured on the blog where we got this idea.

A couple notes....

1.) I searched high & low at 3 nearby craft stores for twine (like the kind the linked blogger used to hang hers), and guess what I found out? Craft stores don't carry twine. Even though their employees think they do, and they will point you in the direction of the store where you "should" find it - but it's not there. Trust me. I never made it to a home improvement store (where I hear they DO have it), so we just ended up using a brownish-color yarn to hang them. It's not that I wanted to be overly literal about copy-catting it, I just liked the look of the twine.

2.) I didn't really find this mentioned, so I'll tell you - this mixture is extremely crumbly. I kept wondering if I forgot something, or if it would hold together well enough once they were dry - and the answer is yes, it will hold, even if it doesn't seem like it.

3.) We didn't limit ourselves to hearts - we pulled out all of our spring-themed cookie cutters and made tulips, daisies, butterflies, and Easter bunnies, too!

Luke is very excited about the birds eating our creations (he was a little confused about whether or not they'd come in the house for their snack, ha), and I'm looking forward to the moment when he witnesses a bird nibbling away at our gifts! 

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