Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nearer God's heart in a garden (Pinterest inspiration)

Since the day we bought our house (two years ago), I've hated my kitchen. No, lies, I hated it even before it was mine. While we searched for homes that fit our shopping criteria, we overlooked this one at least 10 times because of its less-than-stellar kitchen. It's extremely small, has no counter space, no lower cabinets (AT. ALL.), very little storage, and is organized in a ridiculous, almost "how do we squish this all in for as little money as possible" style. It. Sucks.

Hang on, I didn't even mention the horridly country cream-with-little-blue-stars wallpaper, or the "fake shelf" wallpaper trim around the top of the room. OR the fact that they wallpapered the top of the upper cabinets with it! !!! !!!

It has remained the only room in this house that's gone untouched, unpainted, unmodified, and undecorated. We simply wanted to "suck it up" until we could afford to re-do the entire thing. However, due to Pinterest inspiration and rabid obsession with Spring & gardening, I've since come up with a decor plan that can suffer through my kitchen's current sorry state, and even transform into something classy at a later date. My vision is: Kitchen Garden.

Here are some pieces of my visual inspiration:


Still googling & pinning around for more.

On the to-do list so far:

  • Stain & Hang a shelf in the kitchen to house indoor plants
  • Shop for flower pots/small containers
  • Chose & purchase plants (I want aloe and lavender, already have a spider plant & cat grass... I'd like 2-3 more..maybe devil's ivy? Not sure what else)
  • Pot plants (obviously)
  • Sew buntings for back doors & under sink
  • Sew curtains & buy tension rods for shelving unit to match buntings
  • Paint wooden plaque to hang
  • Print garden quote to frame and display
  • Hunt around for misc garden inspired decor
  • Find a mirror to hang above the sink, or hang another small shelf for more plants
  • Spring clean the heck out of it!
  • Attempt some sort of gardeny embroidery
Matt suggested that we tear down the wallpaper (with the exception of the part that goes across the cabinets and just deal with it), and go ahead and paint it with our future color. That's still undecided... we'll see.

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