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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Old Navy Order Review

Shopping online can be dangerous at times, because you really don't know how something will fit your body, how accurate the colors are, what the material is like, etc etc. So when I get an order, I immediately try everything on and decide what needs to be returned. When I see other people share their shopping fun, I always wonder how things worked out, so because it's kinda fun... I thought I'd share my thoughts on my latest purchase.

All of these things came from OldNavy.com - the first three are from their current spring lines, and the last three were on clearance.

This might be the only thing I end up returning. It's pattern is as adorable as it appears online, but, it has the consistency of a kleenex, for starters. Actually, no, it's even worse than that. It practically doesn't exist. It's a ghost of a shirt. And despite smalls fitting perfectly across the board, this was the one exception. The top of it is so tight, I can't even get my arms through.

This shirt is as adorable as I expected, but I'm on the fence about it. It's nearly perfect, except that the line across the top there, that kind of empire waistline? It's too high. It ends up cutting right through my boobs. This is a perfect example of my annoyance with clothing designers everywhere. Why is it so hard to believe that someone requiring a small sized shirt could have boobs? I'm afraid that getting a medium will make it too baggy in every other place, because it's perfect elsewhere. Sigh... decisions, decisions. Keeping it would mean constantly pulling it down to fit around my boobs. Annoying.

This shirt, is adorable. I love it. I love the way it fits. It definitely requires something underneath it, it's a tad on the thin side (which is accentuated by it's light colors), but that's okay with me. I would require that anyway for nursing purposes. The one slightly off thing? The top ruffles are one, independent flap of fabric... and look a little bit like a bib on a big-boobed woman. I anticipate flirty mocking from my husband.

Eek! This one was a total win. I tried to order more of these, but they only had this color and size left so, no sense in doubles. It's extremely comfortable! It has the consistency of a t-shirt, but has the look of a hoodie with (obviously) the hood & front pocket. Believe it or not - this is slimming. I can't explain why, it just is! My husband actually told me I looked sexy in this. In a hoodie-look-alike! Imagine that. The weight of this would be perfect for spring, or even summer evenings at a bon fire. And it's totally fabulous for wearing around the house in winter!

This is really cute, and fits longer in the front, which I love. I'm a little apprehensive with spaghetti straps because you obviously can't hide a bra strap beneath them. And I am not a gal that can go without a bra. So I deem this a great layering piece - if you put it under a cardigan or sweater, adorbs. It's also super soft and light feeling - totally worth the $5 spent on it!

True. Love. I am so happy and in love with these pants, they got their own special review. And I still don't think I said enough about them. You should absolutely go order yourself some. You will thank me later.

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