Sunday, January 29, 2012

Things I'm just not willing to "go healthy" with

I'm all for the organic, natural movement, and if it were up to me* - all of my produce, meat and dairy would be organic, and processed food would forever be banned from my house. Additionally, and sometimes contradictory, I would like all (or the vast majority) of our food to be Weight Watchers friendly. I have already changed a lot of our shopping habits over the years to fit some or all of these goals, but... there are some things that I just cannot compromise on. Some of those things are:

Peanut Butter
I am a Peter Pan girl, through and through. I think all other brands are inferior in taste, and waxy in texture. The peeps at Peter Pan get it. Even if all other brands are on sale, and PP is not - if I need a jar (or 3), it's coming home with me. The one wonderful thing about this, though - they now have a natural version in which they eradicated high fructose corn syrup among other nasties, and despite my half-hearted motivation to do so, I've switched to that. That's about as far as I'm willing to go.

I know. I shouldn't have it at all. And usually, when I'm in the heat of a WW goal, I'll go months without it before I realize I haven't had any in a while. The problem is.... it's a drug to me. My husband always says that the longer he goes without it, the less he wants it, but I am entirely the opposite. If I have even a sip - I'm left wanting more, and more, and more... until it gets out of hand. Which is why, on WW, I have to avoid it completely or face imminent weight loss failure. Additionally, I cannot handle diet pop, nor the new gimmicky "natural" pops with real sugar. On a scale of 1-10, I like diet pop at about a -2, "natural" pop at about a 3, and regular, high fructosey goodness at about a 15. And yes - blind taste test me, I will tell you with 100% accuracy which is which.

Good 'ol white rice is where it's at for me. My rationalization is that I can have a decent serving for 2-3 points on Weight Watchers, and it's gluten free. It's not that I dislike brown rice, only that... I kind of do, because even after taking steps to make it moist and fluffy it still has the texture of unreasonably under-done white rice. It's mostly the laziness factor here, because I'm sorry folks.... 20 minutes for regular rice bugs me enough, an hour for crunchy rice is not my idea of a good time.

Ice Cream
I can deal once in a while with a slightly less fat version, or even a really well-done frozen yogurt (Friendly's Forbidden Fudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt tops the list, though I wouldn't exactly call it "healthy"). But my friends, if you're going to spend the calories on it.... do it right. I'd rather have a small 1/2 cup serving of some ultra-creamy Edys than a bowl full of frozen sand. I tried to get some Wow Cow once at our near by ice cream shop, and about 3 bites in I knew I'd never make the same mistake again.

Coffee Creamer
Brand loyalty comes to play here again, and not because I love their company (necessarily) - they just know how to do it better than anyone else. Who do I speak of? Coffee Mate. All the others have such a weird aftertaste to them - I don't know why anyone bothers! My favorite year-round creamer is French Vanilla, but during the holiday season, I stock up on Peppermint Mocha as well. Some people on Weight Watchers have a hard time dedicating points to flavored high fructose corn syrup, but I do not. So worth it. Sometimes, I even order a black coffee to go from Tim Hortons and creamer it up at home because it's so much more satisfying than a double double. I will say this, though - Coffee Mate recently came out with a natural version of their own, and I am stoked about trying it. I don't have very high hopes, because in most cases... taking the best things and making them natural fails, taste-wise... but I'm going to give it an honest effort. I've also seen recipes for a DIY natural rip off, and I'd like to give that a shot, too.

Even if we became totally radical with our groceries, you'd probably find these things among all the health. Sorry, guys. Nobody's perfect.

*In case you're wondering, two things are causing it to not be up to me. One) the ridiculous cost of actually eating organically, and Two) my husband's unwillingness to spend said ridiculous cost by converting completely.

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