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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow, Shmoe... Buffalo might cure cancer!


We may not have winning sports teams right now (er, uh... any time in the last 5 years? decade? blah.), but I've definitely got some hometown pride going on right now! Roswell Park Cancer Institute announced an incredible achievement yesterday! Before I get into it, I first want to say - Roswell always has such glowing reviews from people close to cancer as far as helping their ailing family members as much as they possibly can - sometimes with success, and sometimes ending with the most comfortable, graceful losing end to a cancer battle as possible. Either way, they do amazing things. I (THANKFULLY!) have not been extremely close to the facility and all that it does, but I do have something to note. Before I was born, my paternal Grandmother had Leukemia. Notice I say, had. She was given 2 months and 20% chance of living at one point. Not a great thing to hear! And somehow, miraculously, she ended up in remission. She has never relapsed, and is still around today - in her mid-80's. How awesome is that? Of course, as I said, this was before I was born - so I wasn't privy to the miracles they performed, but I've always had a little happy gratitude in the back of my head for Roswell.

So, back to present day... Roswell seems to have found a cancer vaccine! It's still being investigated and is a part of a study - there are no guarantees, and it seems to only be effective in about 13 types of cancers right now, but what an accomplishment! It is being manufactured and distributed in here in Buffalo. If that's not something to be known for... I don't know what is. Forget the super bowl! Forget (ugh, dare I say it..) the Stanley Cup! Let's cure cancer, Buffalo! If there's going to be a way to shift our reputation away from snow & failure, this is it.

Read more about this HERE!

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