Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is this really happening right now?

I recently became re-intoxicated with Old Navy, after realizing that they have some adorably adorbs stuff for ridiculously cheap. I mean, I knew this... once upon a time, but I forgot somehow. My cousin lent me an expansive maternity wardrobe for my pregnancy with Henry (and whatever future pregnancy(ies?) comes my way), and like... 90% of it was Old Navy. Why did I never shop there for Maternity garb myself? Don't know. I, instead, had a few pairs of Gap maternity jeans (that I worshiped) and the rest was all Target half-way-decent junk. After realizing how incredibly comfortable and flattering the clothes my cousin lent me were, I decided to check them out for regular (read: non-hugely preggo) clothes, and now I cannot stop.

During some frivolous filling-my-cart-with-no-intention-to-buy .com shopping, I found the above atrocity. What is this, Old Navy, 1994? What member of your design team failed this horribly? Considering you have every single size still available - I assume because no one has purchased this - perhaps you should lower your price from nearly $30 to more like $3. Better yet, give them away.

Wait, I know what happened. You made too many of these 15 years ago and are still trying to sell them. Try the cowboys, they might be able to hook you up.

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