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Friday, January 27, 2012

Guys, I'm in love. With a pair of pants.

Once in a while, I make a good decision. Okay, more than once in a while... I'm kind of a goody-goody in life, but what I mean is: a good shopping decision. Aside from the moments when I'm actively seeking something specific to fulfill a shortage (like, when I need better jeans), I tend to get completely roped in by shirts. I mean, okay, you get like... 4 or 5 good pairs of jeans, and the most they're going to vary are in the shades of blue, the way your butt looks in them, and the way they lay near your feet (ya know, bootcut, flare, straight, what-have-you). There's nothing really exciting about shopping for jeans. Or other pants, really, because it's a similar situation. Yet... when you find THE jean, or THE dress pant that makes you feel and look skinny and butt-lifty and totally comfortable, it's heaven, right? It's just that, I don't know... my visual side takes over or something, I see pretty, chic, colorful tops and I am IN! I have the same bad habit for my kids. I try to invest in the pants they need (and will wear repeatedly) once in a while, but for the most part - I end up buying them way too many shirts because I deem them all completely adorable.

All that being said, I don't know what possessed me to order these specific pants considering.... I have about 30 pairs of lounge pants. I'm not even exaggerating. I have more lounge pants than I do jeans and dress pants combined. That started because of pregnancy - pregnant me doesn't really have time for other pants (except Gap maternity jeans because they almost make you look normal, and are totally worth the $80). I've ended up keeping them all because of impending pregnancy, and lazy SAHM-hood. Needless to say... I did not need any more lounge pants.

Except... and this is TOTALLY ridiculous... I wanted to look better in my loungey pants. I'm almost done with my post-baby weight loss (5 pounds to go!) and my husband, who (poor thing), always has to see me in lounge pants has started saying, jokingly, "Will you get some tighter pants?? I can't even see your butt in there!"  Though I may have been somewhat comfortable, I was walking around looking like the saggy baggy elephant, particularly in the rear region. And you wanna know what really sealed the deal for me? My son just got a digital camera (a play crayola one, but that works!) and has been taking the most random of pictures on a daily basis. One of them was a butt shot of me while I was cleaning the house - in what I thought was one of my more decently shaped loungey pant outfits... and there was a mess of wavy, saggy fabric where my butt should have been.


Enter the above pants. I had high hopes for them... what, with the description literally saying: "The pants of your dreams!" That doesn't even do them justice. They are the pants of heaven. I bet the angels and our relatives that have gone on before us are all walking around in these pants. They must be, because I feel like I'll melt into non-existence out of sheer comfort at any given moment.

This is one my most shopaholic moments, but within 5 minutes of putting them on... which was within 5 minutes of them arriving at my house... I was on the computer, ordering more of them in the other colors. And I also bought a pair of their gaucho equivalents. I'm being serious when I say it's a love affair.

To my defense, I will make room for these by disposing of a few of my older (far less superior) loungey pants, and they will do me well. I expect them to stick around for a while. They are perfect hanging-out-at-home pants, whether you're a SAHM, or relish your weekends. Total love, friends.

BTW, these pants are listed in letter sizes. I normally cannot stand that because it always depends from store to store what sizes their Smalls or Mediums cover, and if you're shopping online... who knows what you need? They have a "size chart" on the site, but if you're like me and can never get those dang windows to open or load correctly, it's useless. I forgive this flaw for these pants, because they are so glorious. For a reference point, I'm currently somewhere between a 2 and a 4 (slightly closer to a 4), and the smalls fit me absolutely perfectly. PERFECTLY! And, they make me look even slimmer while showcasing my booty. My husband keeps saying he loves these pants... and it's a good thing, because I've just welcomed them into our marriage permanently.

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