Sunday, January 22, 2012

Garden-Style Lasagna

Garden-Style Lasagna by

I consider myself to be a flexitarian.

Flexitarian (n):
1)  omnivores who predominantly eat a plant based diet but also eat animal meat occasionally. (source)
2)  a vegetarian who is flexible enough to occasionally eat meat or fish. (source)

And if you want to get even more specific, the "flexi" part of the equation is pretty much a combination of Pollotarianism (poultry) and Pescetarianism (fish). When I do have them, it's in small quantities - I can only handle about 3oz of meat before getting grossed out. And once in a while, when the mood strikes - I will indulge in a burger or say, pulled pork. None of this is done out of obligation or forced effort - it's just how I enjoy food. Any place where beef is usually present (like... tacos, sloppy joes, burgers, chili, soups, kebabs, etc..), I almost always replace it with poultry. I don't hate on red meat, exactly... I just don't have a strong taste for it.

Things like veggie lasagna really appeal to me - so when I stumbled on this Garden-Style Lasagna by, I was pumped.

First, I'll have you know - this takes forever to make. You prepare it in steps - softening each type of veggie on it's own, setting it aside, starting the next one, repeat. The chopping and sauteing alone take a really long time. And once that's done, you still have to make a pan sauce and a cheese mixture before layering it all together. Do yourself a favor, and get ready-to-bake lasagna noodles so you at least don't have to spend time pre-boiling those!

However, once you get this bad boy in the oven... it smells divine! And the taste? Even better! I LOVE veggie dishes like this because I eat uninhibitedly - I enjoy it fully because I'm not afraid of stumbling on meat fat, or a piece of ground meat that wasn't crumbled small enough (I HATE big pieces of meat... no jokes, please), or even more horrid - a crunchy piece of animal cartilage that made it's way into the meat (shudder). Even more wonderful, 1/12th of this lasagna (which is a pretty decently sized piece!) is only 7P+ on WW! I even have room for seconds!

Like most lasagnas, I think this will probably be a once-in-a-while recipe because of the work involved, but I will definitely make this again!

(BTW, this was husband approved. He prefers all things to come with a red sauce - for example, he cannot handle white pizza, or any brick oven pizza that doesn't have a red sauce base: he has red sauce tunnel vision. So of course, his commentary didn't come without a "this would be better with red sauce", but he still said "this is really good" a handful of times, and went back for seconds.)

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  1. That looks delish, girl, and despite the work, getting a "this is really good" surely was extra worth it! ;-) ~ Beth