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Thursday, January 19, 2012

dainty revelations

I really wanted "little secrets". It was taken.
By someone that thought they'd ring in 2003 with a blog post, and then say goodbye.

I shouldn't talk. I'm hoarding a bunch of URLs myself. Anytime I try one out and notice it's taken but hasn't been used in more than half a decade, I wonder what it would take to contact its owner and ask them to give it up. I've never thought about the idea that someone might be thinking the same of me.

dainty revelations = little secrets, in a very obvious thesaurus kind of way.

I don't have any secrets to tell. Nothing dark, nothing hidden, nothing looming. What I do have, however, is a yearly bout of winter blues. And if there's one thing I've come to understand with vivid clarity - it's the crazies that make you creative. I keep feeling these surges of motivation to write down my random thoughts, compile little collages, document insecurities, share books and recipes and allthepins, and most desperately - daydream over spring.

And maybe, selfishly, a little of my desires lie in wanting to claim my identity. Because while I am first and foremost, a mom (and wouldn't have it any other way), I'm still in here somewhere. I think? I'm pretty sure.

So, hello, ugly lemons [previous background image] that were the springiest thing I could find that didn't drive me crazy...(ier).

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  1. Haha! Have I told you I love you? I so do!! Hehehe!