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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011!!!


This was maybe the most busy but fun Christmas ever! We had so much to do and so many stops to make, and the craziest part was hosting our family's Christmas party at our tiny house this year! I think I was so easily conned into it because we've never had the chance to host anything quite like this in our new home, and because a certain cousin of mine agreed to arrange all of the food ;)

It wasn't terrible - we had a lot of fun and it was really nice having everyone over (even if we were packed in here like sardines!), but it added A LOT of extra work and stress to our holidays, which were already tough with a nursing infant in the mix! So, next year, I don't think we'll be hosting...but it was fun to take a turn!

Because we were hosting the party on the evening of Christmas Day, we had all of Christmas Eve free to spend at Matt's parent's house. I really missed the tradition of the big, silly party while all of the kids buzzed about Santa being on his way, but it was also nice to have a breather before the chaos that was coming to our house!

Christmas 002

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The next morning, after Santa had visited our house, Nana & Papa came to be with us while we opened presents. And for the third Christmas in a row, we had to wake Luke up to come see the gifts! Boy likes his sleep ;)

Christmas 042

Christmas 048

Christmas 049

Christmas 050

Christmas 051

After presents and breakfast at our house, we packed up and went over to Grandpa & Grandma C's house where we met up with Aunt Mallory and Uncle Tom to open more gifts, and have our yummy fondue brunch. My fav!

Christmas 056

Christmas 060

Christmas 073

Christmas 086

Next up was party prep mode! When we got home, we cleaned up our Christmas morning mess, took showers and got ourselves ready for the big crowd! It was a loud night, with lots of crazy, Christmas-high kids celebrating together!

Christmas 093

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Despite all the crazy, we had an awesome, fun, blessed Christmas - and we hope all of you did, too! <3

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