Sunday, November 20, 2011

Homemade Santa Christmas Cards

Me & Christmas? Well, we're having a little issue this year.

I'm usually chomping at the bit to break out the Bing Crosby and twinkle lights, and this year - I'm very patiently waiting. You would think, with kiddos in the picture, I'd be even more ridiculous.

Not even close. In all of my 27 years, this is the first impending Christmas I've had very little motivation for without a good excuse. Last year, I was in the midst of earth-shattering morning sickness, and I'm sorry, but there's not a whole lot that can get me jolly when I'm fighting the pukes.

This year? This is what's to blame:

1. Freakishly warm weather, in Buffalo, in November. If you're gonna throw nearly 70 degree days at me, mother nature, I'm going to be outside, jacket-less, parading my kiddos around town while I still can! Having the windows rolled down doesn't inspire me to turn on the Christmas tunes (even though our local stations are already playing it!).

2. Pinterest. Damn you, pinterest! You've got me all excited about the preparation, organization, and decorating and I've got not room left in this crowded Mommy brain of mine for Christmas spirit!

3. Weight Watchers. You may have helped me shed 20 pounds already, but you're keeping me from all the adorable, sugary, deliciousness out there that makes it feel like Christmas and so my taste buds have NO clue that the holiday season is on it's way. I mean, if they're in the dark, how can my mind possibly process this??

Despite everything, I've made major progress towards the holiday (ooooh Pinterest, you rascal!), and not only do I have more than half of my shopping already done, my Christmas cards are designed, ready to be assembled, and addressed. ADDRESSED, my friends.

I've had high hopes of sending around homemade Christmas cards for the past handful of years, but have always run out of time to do so. This year, it was simply a money issue (why spend $20 on cards when I've got, oh, I dunno, hundreds worth of cardstock sitting around?). Not that $20 would break the bank, but hey - that's a gift for someone right there! Considering I haven't had time to make these in previous years, I was a little concerned that I'd finish up sometime in the first quarter of 2012, so I got an early start. The first key to success is choosing an extremely simple, easy to replicate design. And second, mass produce all of the pieces involved to make for easy assembly whenever you actually find some spare time!

Here's what I came up with:

(old website, ignore plz.)

Santa's coat! This doesn't even require expensive sheets of matching scrapbook paper - all I needed was colored cardstock! And poof, simple, classy Christmas card.

(When Luke saw my prototype he said, "Hey! Santa's missing a head!")

Which is the point of progress my cards are still in...because, ya know, infant and all. But the other night, while nursing & eating dinner (what's a mom if not a multi-tasker?) I addressed my envelopes and added return address labels. So as I complete cards, I'll stuff them and get them ready to go. 

Okay, Christmas Spirit, let's do this.

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