Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011!

Halloween was SO fun this year - with one kiddo finally getting into the spirit of things and actually choosing his own costume for the first time, and another so tiny and squishy it's hilarious and adorable to put him in a silly costume.

Our fun started a couple weekends before Halloween with BuffaloMommies' Trunk or Treat event. Our customs hadn't come in the mail yet, so we just put on our best Halloween shirts to go and enjoy!

TOTEliBday 004

TOTEliBday 005

TOTEliBday 010

TOTEliBday 013

TOTEliBday 014

A few days before Halloween, knowing that Matt's parents would be leaving for Florida soon, we decided to dress up all the little ones and visit for a while in their costumes.

Luke was Leonardo, and Henry was a sack of cash! haha

AlmostHalloween 019

AlmostHalloween 029

AlmostHalloween 031

On Halloween, we made some festive food for breakfast and lunch, and then made a stop to trick or treat and Grandpa & Grandma C's house before working our way to NT to do the rest of our trick or treating.

AlmostHalloween 044

halloween 001

halloween 002

halloween 005

halloween 007

halloween 009

halloween 011

Luke is pretty happy about Halloween ;)

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