Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dear Henry (Three Months)

Dear Henry,

Happy 1/4 of a year, Hippo!

You know, being a seasoned mama at this whole baby thing (I'll teach you about sarcasm when you're older), I knew a bit about what to expect this time around. I knew we'd be faced with endless sleepless nights, painful/unsuccessful breastfeeding, more crying than I could handle, and more occasions of getting peed on while changing your diaper than I could count. That being said, until the day you were born I kept saying "I just need to survive the first 3 months, they are brutal!" I missed baby-hood SO much, but with your brother I felt as though I was in a haze for those initial three months - a constant zombie-like state, on life support duty 24/7.

Well, in short, you proved me wrong! You were an ANGEL newborn - you carried us through your first three months with ease! All of those things I mentioned above? You caused none of them. Not one! And now, I completely take back my previous statements - I'm SAD to see your first 3 months behind us. I loved them, little man. LOVED them!

You are such a happy, smiley guy. Many people have said to you, "are you EVER not happy?". You light up so easily, and your dimpled smile is such a treasure! The only time you get mad (and, well, you get MAD!) is when you're hungry or overtired. And even then, it's so easy to calm you down. You're gaining a bit more attitude as you age and become more aware of things, but you are still so easy to bring back to happy, your anger is almost endearing. Sorry, love. I don't mean to discredit your feelings - I have no doubt you feel the things you do, with the intensity that you show - but I can't help but find you insanely adorable at all times!

Things are still similar to last month, except that you smile MORE, giggle when you're tickled, and you're heavier. You're now about 15 pounds, wearing 3-6 month and 6 month clothes. We're about upgrade to size 3 diapers, too. You're a big, sold man. Your favorite pastimes are nursing, staring at lights, chewing/sucking on your fist, and cooing.

We entered fall this month, and with that we've welcomed snuggly warm outfits and lazy days of cuddling. Perfect chubby baby weather! We have a lot of fun things on the horizon that I'm so excited to share with you! You've already been on your first trip to the farm, which included your first hay ride to a pumpkin patch! Today, we're going to Grandpa's for an Oktoberfest party. And many Halloween festivities are coming up in the next couple weeks, as well as your baptism. You're a busy guy already!

You are such a handsome, bright, happy, alert little man - I cannot wait to see what the rest of your year holds!

I love you, love you, love you, love you!!!


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