Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hello, twenty seven.

I don't feel like I should be quite this close to thirty - but, somehow, here I am!

Painting, Flowers, Dinner, and Cards in Honor of my 27th Birthday!

From left to right (1) On the morning of my birthday, Matt had Luke paint a picture for me while I showered (trying to be sneaky-sneaky), and Luke came running into the bathroom with his creation before I could even get dressed. So sweet. (2) I was a stellar wife, if I do say so myself, and I let my husband go play a round of golf on my birthday of all days. I think he felt a little guilty, because he came home with this incredibly gorgeous bouquet, in my signature pink (3) He also made one heck-of-a dinner, featuring veggies from our very own gardens (4) I was showered with cards, and failed at capturing them all in this photo - but my goal in documenting this was to remember the generous visits from family and friends all day. I love them!

Highlights of my Birthday gifts

From left to right (1) Four different cakes, all delicious in their own right, and despite wondering why my family wants me to gain more weight before I start Weight Watchers, I devoured them all (2) Thanks to my parents, I'm officially cheating on books with my shiny new Nook, all in the name of one-handed reading while nursing Henry (3) After debating over which carrier I wanted to add to my stash this birthday, I settled on a Boba Carrier (that appeared to be a mix of a Mei Tai and an Ergo in styling) when an incredible deal popped up on Zulily. My lovely hubs bought it for me, though it has yet to arrive (4) In addition to some spending money, my MIL gave me a gift certificate in the amount of a pedicure and a tip for the salon she frequents. She did the same for me when I was pregnant & couldn't reach my toes - heaven sent!

I'm a blessed lady. Very, very blessed.

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