Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear Henry (Two Months)

Hey Hippo!

Gosh, two months already. 1/6th of the way to toddlerhood. I know, I know... you still haven't even exited "the fourth trimester" and here I am, doom and gloom about your speedy growth through the first year of life. It's just...doing this before, I know it's only going to go faster and faster, and I've been basking in your newborn phase. I'm no where near ready to see it go, even though you're flying through it.

You've grown SO much this month! I actually have yet to find out the real measurements, but you've shot up about 2 pounds and gotten so long we've already packed up all of your newborn and 0-3 month sized clothes! You've been sleeping longer and longer stretches over night (sometimes starting out with a glorious 7-8 hour stretch), and still doing a fabulous job of nursing regardless! It's astonishing to me how well we've both taken to nursing this time around, and I hope it continues for many months to come!

Though you already started smiling at the end of your first month (quite early for such a little guy!), you've perfected it to an absolute science of cuteness. That toothless grin gets me every time! I always find my eyes welling with tears at the sight of your happiness - I can't help it! Your whole face just glows when you smile, and all of your little dimples pop out (you have the patented [our last name] "Daddy Dimple" - a little divot above your lip on the right side that your father & brother share, but you also have the traditional cheek-dimples, too). And your chubbiness - ooooh your chubbiness! The cheeks, the arm rolls, the leg rolls, the fingers and toes - you are baby perfected!

You love, love, love to be worn - though not in the Moby - you prefer the Jeep & Boba carriers so far. You always fall asleep as soon as you're strapped in, snuggling close to me, squishing your little chubby cheeks against me.

Being that you're older and stronger now, and Mommy's pretty much back to normal (with the exception of a few, or...ya know, 30 pounds) - we've been venturing out of the house more often. You've been out to Grandparent's houses, hiked through glenn falls park in Williamsville, gone out to eat at Panera (twice), gone apple picking in Ransomville, and even seen Niagara Falls for the first time! (Although, I use the word seen loosely, since you slept through our entire visit - but you were there!)

Your favorite people are...well, for starters, me :) I don't mean to toot my own horn, but the way you light up when you find my face after searching for me is the BEST thing in my life right now. You are content hanging out with mom all day every day (I assume because, well, I'm the one that feeds you!). When you decide to branch out, you LOVE your big brother Lukas - you are obviously fascinated by him! He is SO anxious for you to grow enough to play with him! And you also love your Nana quite a bit! If there's anyone that can hold you and pacify you similarly to me, it's her. You've got a special love for her! That's not to say you aren't social with others - you will smile and coo at anyone who will sit and talk to you and hold you close (you are such a snuggler!). But I can see a special connection there with your Nana, and I am sure - nothing makes her happier!

I am so torn between wanting to freeze you at this point forever, and being anxious to see the sweet, silly baby you'll become over the next year. One thing is for sure, though - I feel so blessed to have you in our family, and I can't believe there was ever a time when you were just a distant hope. You were always meant to be ours, and the confidence with which I feel that to be true fills me with such love and awe for life. Thank you for blessing my life as much as you have in your two short months.

I love you to the moon and back, and then there and back again! :)


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