Friday, August 5, 2011

Guess Who Had a Baby (Hint: It's me!)

I seem to be kind of terrible at nursing and typing at the same time...unless of course I'm using my smart phone, with a touch screen...and I won't subject you to posts composed with autocorrect. I'll save that nonsense for the fools that have to Google chat with me during epic nursing sessions.

In short, sorry for the delay. Blame the 9-pounder attached to me!

On July 15th, I went to the hospital and had a baby. My birth story is pretty boring and uneventful, so...yeah. That's it. In a nutshell. Ha. How's that for short & sweet?

Meet my little King...

Henry James
9lbs 6oz

Squishy Squishy!

Sorry for the obnoxious water marking, but I'll be damned if someone rips off my infant's sweet face :)

It seems like forever ago now, but remember the time I tried to conceal his name, and some of you had guesses? So, were ya right? I'm dying to know!

At any rate, my little Henry is finally here! My belly is no longer expanding to epic proportions, and in case you're one of the many, many people who were shocked that he wasn't over 10 pounds - let me tell ya. The doctors and nurses wouldn't stop talking about how huge and heavy my placenta was, and how I had a ridiculous amount of amniotic fluid - so throw that in with a nearly 9.5 pound baby, and that equals monstrous torpedo belly from hell!

Henry is a very, very chill baby. I'm used to my wild & crazy Lukas - who was that way from the minute - no, second - he was born. Henry calms very simply (often with no more than a little touch!), and unlike his big brother - does not spend every waking moment crying. Hallelujah!

And yeah, he's only 3 weeks things could change!

He's a champion nurser, and has made very good friends with The Girls (he's sleeping on them right now). So far, our nursing situation is very positive and rewarding, and I'm relishing it. Perhaps I'll share a cross post on that in honor of World Breastfeeding Week.

So far, Henry has attended two birthday parties AND a double feature at our local Drive-In theater. Yeah - he gets around!

And as for me? Well, I'm recovering fairly well. My only complaint is the ridiculous state of my belly. I have a weird, way-too-firm protruding pooch (it resembles approx 4 month pregnant me) - and I'm chalking that up as having ZERO core muscle strength left to hold my insides, ya know - IN. I have what I've come to call a curtain of loose skin than hangs off of said disgustingness, a few extra stretch marks to add to my collection, and more pounds than I care to admit. Sleep is a rare occurrence, as is any moment to myself - but the sweet, chubby man we've added to the family is well worth the trade-off!


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