Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Henry (One Month)

Dear Hippo,

Happy One Month, Baby! I can't believe we're already hitting a milestone like this - weren't you just born yesterday? Are you REALLY moving onto measuring your age by months instead of weeks? Babies age far too quickly, as far as I'm concerned. Just as you've put over four weeks behind you, your brother has passed 31 MONTHS - and I'm suddenly feeling like you two will be driving cars and bringing home girls before I can blink again!

You joined us on a VERY warm Friday - a heat wave was terrorizing the area (the opposite of the environment your brother was born in - he arrived in the middle of record-breaking lows in North Carolina). Luckily, we had great air conditioning in the hospital and barely noticed it! The only evidence was family coming to see you in as little clothing as they could manage - still sweating after their walk from their cars to our room, tanned and complaining of the humidity. Despite the heat raging on around us, YOU were a quiet and content little guy from the get go. You settled with no more than a touch from Mommy or Daddy, and even at hours old - you'd stare around with wide curious eyes, taking everything in - contently observing everything around you. Another contrast from your brother!

Leaving the hospital was nice - I was anxious to get home with you - to bring you into our little family and let your Daddy and Brother fall in love with you as I had over the months I carried you. You've been such an easy guy - your temperament at birth seems to have been very telling! You sleep in 4-5 hour stretches over night, only waking to eat quickly and you return to your peaceful sleep. You love to be swaddled overnight. During the day, you alternate between nursing and napping in about 1 to 1.5 hour cycles - only ever complaining when you're hungry and want to eat RIGHT NOW (and even then, your crying is so calm!). Sometimes, when you start a bout of crying for your food - you'll stop, look around, and wait until we pick you up. It seems as though you trust us to come when you "send out a signal" - a trait your brother still doesn't posses!

Our days seem to blur together - and I LOVE THAT! We never have anywhere we HAVE to be (accept for the occasional doctor's appointment or family party), so we spend a lot of time just enjoying each other. We're usually parked on the couch or in the recliner with the Boppy - snuggling, nursing, napping, and playing. And at night, we just move into our room until you fall asleep (which is when you go into your bassinet, which is so close to our bed you might as well be IN it!). It's such a blessing - SUCH a huge blessing to be able to spend your first days with you that way - the way I did with your brother, as well. I'm such a lucky Mommy!

I have yet to catch it on camera, but you smile - ALREADY! And I mean - genuinely smile. Not the gassy smile-like contorsions or the nerve-building practice expressions all babies (and you sometimes still) do. Actual, interactive, social smiles. We have to work quite hard, and talk pretty silly to get one, but you do it! It makes our days that much brighter!

You have grown SO MUCH this month, already. I don't know what you weigh (I'll find out on the 18th for your check up), but you "should" be just over 10 pounds. I'm going to guess that you're quite over 10 - possibly even 11, already. You're just so solid and chubby! I've already had to pack up your Newborn sized clothes, and in certain brands and outfits - you fit into 3-6 months and even 6 months! I remember saying this with your brother, too, but - I swear some nights I put you to bed in something that fits you, and you wake up busting out of it! It's not just your size and your weight that have grown, though - even your face looks more mature - and the way you stare and take in the people and things around you seems so beyond your time.

You're a very special boy, baby doll. People have so much to say about you - they comment on your gorgeous hair, your sweet little expressions, your MASSIVE SIZE (seriously, you do NOT look like a one month old!), how sweetly you cuddle, how sweet and calm you seem - and of course, how adorable you are. Mommy agrees :) You've made quite a mark on all of us, already - including your big brother who just ADORES you (and we really didn't expect that right away - you're just that loveable!).

Oh, and in case you're wondering? In the first few days of your life, we couldn't help but say "Henry Henry Hippo" when we'd croon to you because you ALWAYS want to eat (it's based on a game that came way before your time called Hungry Hungry Hippos). After a while we just started calling you Hippo (and sometimes Hip)...and I'm afraid you may be stuck with the name now! We may even have you be a Hippo for your first Halloween! :)

Happy One Month, my little Hippo!

Lots and lots and lots of love,

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