Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's a.....



Yep, guess.

Because I'm evil & want to drive you crazy.



Okay, I'm back. I took my evil hat off for the day.


I couldn't even wait for more of you to guess! Suspense is not my thing...so I suck at creating it as well, apparently. I'm not very good at being evil.

Here's a few NEW (as in, yesterday) pictures of my squishy #2.
Perhaps they will give you a little hint?

Any guesses?

Alright, alright....you caught me being evil again - I didn't give you any shots of "the goods".

Rather than embarass my baby by sharing his privates to the world, I give you this:

Ta daaaa!

Son #2 is on his way!

I'm not going to pretend that I didn't shed a tear or two over not getting my girl (and the realization of having to do this pregnancy thing for a third time setting in)...because last night I was an unreasonable, annoying, hormonal whack job. I pray my son never knows this about the day I found out HE was a HE, but I don't want to be sugar-coaty, either.

This morning, however, I woke up with a completely different attitude. My second little man is on his way! And it's pretty darn awesome being the princess in this house of wonderful men. For having to be surrounded by the other sex, I've been blessed with a fantastic husband, two sweet boy kitties, an adorable, incredible son - and another on the way.

Hubs is a fantastically sweet man, and he was the perfect balance of understanding & encouragement for me last night. Today - while I suspected he could sense my positive change of heart - he took a few moments out of his day to thank me for making him two wonderful sons.

(Can you believe my PHONE took that picture??)

In addition to that being a ridiculously sweet & romantic gesture, I was thrilled with the springy addition to the house, today. Mama loves her flowers! Nothing gets me to clean up like a beautiful bouquet needing a tidy backdrop.

(I wonder if hubs has learned that yet. He could totally take advantage.)

So in short, I'm happy...and I feel incredibly blessed right now. I don't take enough time out of my day to be thankful for what I have and soak up the beautiful things life has given me - and today, this baby boy kicking away at my bladder is forcing me to do that. He's pretty awesome already :)

And..... you want to know his name, right?

That's what you're really here for. I know how you ladies are - baby name junkies, all of ya! :)

Well, here's what you get.

Lame? Perhaps. But hubs is a weirdo about names & would like to keep our front runner a secret. This is partially because he likes to meet our babies before labeling them (understandable), but he also has a list of reasons to hide it from our family members. Part suspense, part not welcoming unwanted input, part not wanting it stolen. I cared more about those things during my pregnancy with Luke - but this time? I don't care.

I'm already calling this baby by the name pictured above. And if his name changes, it changes. He'll never have to know, right?

Honestly - I can still plainly see the name in that picture, but probably just because I know what it is. Is it super obvious? Hubs will be mad lol.

It's a super cute name. And it's extremely ironic, which I'm just loving (this may give it away for some of you but if you guess it, keep it to yourself for now!). One of the most famous examples of this name, if not THE most, was obsessed about passing his legacy onto a son. So much so that his actions to try and do so changed the world as we know it. It's kind of becoming my little "haha" to give a second son this name. I'm giggling over it, it's perfect. And yes I AM a dork.

I'll elaborate when the time comes :)

SO, get ready for an adorable blue & brown nursery, and tiny little onesies with crabs on the bums, because Mama likes to prepare like a crazy woman.

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