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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Are you wearing green today?

Or eating Corned Beef & Cabbage for dinner?

I'm not even Irish, but I'm doing both!

(This is most definitely more about having an excuse to host a little party than tradition - I live for theme parties!)

(Is that really any secret at this point?)

I put together a St. Patrick's Day post over at The Mommies Network blog containing facts surrounding the holiday (and St. Patrick himself), and I learned that the vast majority of what people believe the day and the saint to be all about - is false. This is really, no skin off my back - I'm just party fool, remember? But if you're interested in the tidbits I discovered, check out the post! It's a fast read, promise.

So, what am I doing with all my party planning ridiculousness?

Admittedly - not a whole lot.

I'm a little crafty constipated, lately. I'm not sure what my deal is - but I need to knock it off before I'm 2 years behind on my son's scrapbooks, oye!

This is where the Dollar Tree comes in.

Please tell me you have one near you! It's a cryin' shame if you don't.

(I swear, they are not paying me!)

I go there way, way, wayyy too much.

OH, and I cannot forget about Christmas Tree Shops. That place is QUICKLY becoming one of my favorite favorite places to go & waste a lot of money. And no, they do not only sell Christmas trees!

Aaaand back to the point, shall we?

Baby Boy #2 and I are wearing green today, see?

Make fun of my "I suppose I should smile here", smile and we are no longer friends!!!

I've allowed a bunch of frugally purchased green and white items to conquer the main areas of my house for the day. I can't wait for hubs to get home and roll his eyes at the poorly manufactured head gear I purchased for the occasion. It's ALL for toddler photo ops, baby! That's what cameras and completely unnecessary dollar store purchases are made for!

I have corned beef & cabbage in the crock pot (let's hope it turns out okay, it's my first time - eep!). The crock is filled to the BRIM! I keep pushing down the lid to make sure it's got a good enough seal on it...we're gonna have a lot of leftovers!

My mom & her husband are coming over for dinner. While that's pretty much all the seating I have, I kinda wish I'd invited more people now.

Some other ridiculous additions - assorted green jelly beans, green gatorade, and shamrock crazy straws.

I know, you're jealous!

And the best part of all, Luke is modeling his sweet St. Paddy's day t-shirt.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, loves!

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