Friday, February 11, 2011

Flashback Friday: Bridal Tea Party

Today we're rewinding to July 29, 2010.

It was the day before my sister's wedding, and considering I had WAY too much to do...I went and hosted another party. Naturally.

I heard about old fashioned Bridal Tea traditions and just fell in love with the idea. Who cares that the Bride typically throws them as a thank you to the bridal party? I just wanted to have a tea party! And I thought, perhaps, my sister would enjoy a chaos-free gathering of her favorite ladies before the big day.

Trying to do this thing frugally, I turned to The Dollar Tree (as I often do) for most of my party supplies, and then I crafted the rest. I came up with a very small, very simple menu and spent two straight days baking despite the simplicity.

Word of advice? Never make petit fours from scratch. Not only do they take FOREVER, they're kind of gross. Like seriously gross. Like....instant cavity, sugar buzz, diabetic coma, gross.

I'm still glad I did it, because they were pretty - and because I felt like I earned some Housewife badge of honor for surviving the ordeal, but I'll never make them again! My MIL lent me a petit four pan from Williams Sonoma - they were little flowers. I looked up a recipe on how to alter a boxed cake mix into a spongier cake as well as one for the liquid fondant coating. Either I picked the wrong ones, or I simply don't have a taste for the things!

At any rate, here's how cute it was in here:

It helps that my dining room is purple (seriously, it makes an awesome backdrop for most parties - the bachelorette was perfect - pictures for another day!).

There were only 6 of us, so it was a pretty small gathering. I borrowed the tea cups & saucers from my MIL, and the floral plates were hand-me-downs from my Grandma's world travels. I also used her crystal vase for the flowers & a few crystal candy dishes to hold after diner mints, strawberry candies (simply because they were pink), and the tea bags themselves.

Here's the spread - simple! The petit fours from hell are at the front there (see, they looked cute at least), I made pink cupcakes with pink & purple frosting (in the cake stand), and served halved croissants with strawberry jam. There's also a dish of raspberries behind the croissants. While this looks like an incredibly small menu, it was plenty to enjoy with our cups of tea while we chatted away. Oh - and I'll explain the cards at the back of the table momentarily.

Even more of a high than the sugary petit fours were the girly colors! I'm really 5 at heart, ya know. I almost forgot to mention - on the bottom of the cupcakes (hidden, conveniently enough) were pictures of little tea kettles and tea cups!

So, the cards. I made similar versions of the one above (just moving the placement of things around to change them up a little) and placed them out for each guest to write marriage advice in. Then I confiscated them & packed them into my bag for the morning of the wedding. When my sister was getting her makeup done I handed them to her to read, and then she got to keep them for her wedding scrapbook.

Here's another crafty bit. I took the paper tags off the tea bags & made personalized ones. I cut out scallop squares with my cricut, as well as my sister's monogram (her name is Mallory), and a little heart with a man & woman silhouette cut into it. I made 2 squares for each tea bag & sandwiched the tea bag string between them. One side got the monogram, one side got the heart. I displayed them in one of my Grandma's crystal dishes with the tags hanging out.

Here's my plate of yummy goodies, and my cup of tea. Yum yum!

To be cheesy I put classical music on in the background...well, I'm unsure of the actual type of music it was, I just knew it sounded like something like something I'd expect to hear at a tea party.

We had a lot of fun, sipping away with our pinkies in the air and giggling about the coming festivities. Despite the extra work (and the dreaded petit fours), I'd call this gathering a smashing success!

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