Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some Scrapbook Layouts

I'm EXTREMELY behind on my scrapbooking.

For my son's albums alone, I'm 1 year and 3 months behind. OMG.

I tried to get somewhat caught up last weekend, and at the very least...I'm now at the point where we moved back to Buffalo - I felt like I was REALLY living in the past not having caught up to that!

(BTW, I'm done with most of my anonymity because it's annoying.)

I thought I'd share the layouts I completed.

I'm not a super detailed scrapbooker - I have a lot of fun adding little details, but I'm too lazy for the complicated messy methods. So, my layouts are pretty clean & simple.

The super white rectangle doesn't exist on the page, obviously!

Yeah, I realized after I took this that I put the apostrophe in the wrong place!

Now to start fall of 2009....someone hold me accountable!!!

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