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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meet my little #2

It's time for me to give my squishy little #2-to-be a little attention.

Ladies and, probably just ladies...let me introduce you to, my number 2:

Aww. The u/s tech obviously shares my enthusiasm. How cute that she knew I'd appreciate an exclamation point!

So, what to tell you about my little gummy bear?

I found out I was pregnant mid-November after 5 tries. I ran out of tests and Matt talked me out of rushing out for another one (he always thought I was testing too soon, even though I always waited until I was late). The night before I tested I just KNEW I was pregnant. I had so many symptoms going on. I texted my friend and said if I wasn't pregnant, than something was wrong with me and I needed to see a doctor.

The next morning I woke up and rushed off to the grocery store to get a test. Matt still thought I was nuts at this point. I came home, told him to wish me luck, and took off for the bathroom. While I've always had preggo test anxiety (after two nearly half-year rounds of trying to get pregnant each time), but for some reason I had none. I was nervous, and excited - but I just KNEW. I watched the dye spread on the test rather than wait the 3 minutes....and within 30 seconds the positive line was showing up. I stood there and waited the three minutes with a grin on my face just so hubs couldn't say I jumped the gun. When the time was up, I busted out of the bathroom...and despite wanting to keep a straight face I couldn't stop smiling.

"I told you!"

(I'm sure there were sweeter, more loving ways to announce our second pregnancy, but I was so thrilled that I wasn't going crazy & my body wasn't freaking out for no reason that it just sort of came out.)

He looked at me in shock and even as obvious as it was, he still asked, "what does it say?"

I handed him the stick and he looked up at me, still shocked. "Positive?" he asked in disbelief.

I believe I gave him a proud, YEP.

At that point he hugged me and our emotional response finally kicked into gear.

(I swear, we're romantics....despite the fact that my first words when he proposed were "Are you kidding me?!"....I meant it in a good, surprised, holy crap this is awesome way.)

I had about 2 weeks of enjoying my little poppy seed before the nausea kicked in. And BOY did it. I had to call the doctor for a little help and they prescribed me some anti-nausea meds. I couldn't have made it through the past two months without them, for real.

I'm 15 weeks now, and feeling little flutters...which is just, the coolest!

And, we find out what this baby is on February 28th. I'm SO anxiously looking forward to it!

Being that this is my second pregnancy, I'm constantly comparing things to my first. It's incredible - how random the similarities and differences are! Let's do a little comparison, shall we?

Nausea with #1: Started at 6 weeks, bad, lasted til 17 weeks
Nausea with #2: Started at 6 weeks, REALLY BAD, slowly fading by 14 weeks

Showing by with #1: 12 weeks, very obviously by 15 weeks
Showing by with #2: um, 6 weeks? Seriously. It's scary. I'll show you a picture soon.

Feeling flutters by with #1: 15-16 weeks
Feeling flutters by with #2: 12-13 weeks

Cravings with #1: Grapes, milk with ice, Smartfood
Cravings with #2: TONS of fruit, meat (all kinds), cheese, grease

Aversions with #1: Italian (anything in red sauce), meat (mostly beef)
Aversions with #2: Italian (anything in red sauce), milk tastes are almost completely opposite, except the Italian - which is weird, because I LOVE it when I'm not pregnant.

Fruit on the other hand - I cannot keep it in the house. I know there are much worse things to inhale like it's going out of style, but goodness - it's getting pricey!

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