Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Luke (23 Months)

Dear Lukey,
December 20, 2010

Well, here we are - the last month of your second year. I’m not sure how time flew by so fast. It’s bittersweet - seeing you grow up and leave your baby-ness behind you, but also rejoicing with the ways you are growing. Your Daddy and I LOVE who you are becoming! You are such a sweet guy. Aside from the occasional terrible-two-tantrum, you’re such a good, smart, silly boy - we couldn’t be more proud of you!

You celebrated your 2nd Thanksgiving during this month. It was held at Grandma D’s house along with Papa, Aunt Mallory, Uncle Tom, Yaya, Aunt Tracy & Daniel. You were very excited to eat this year - and you did a number on your plate! You really loved the squash, turkey, and cranberry sauce! You spent the night at Nana’s house after dinner so that Mommy, Daddy & Aunt Gabby could be crazy and do some Black Friday shopping.

A major development happened for you this month, too! You are officially done with the pacifier! I had a little schedule I was planning to follow as far as weaning you off baby things goes. My plan was to let you keep your pacifiers until you were two, but Edward chewed ALL of them and Mommy was sick of buying more. One night, when Edward chewed through your last one, I said that it was just time to let you figure out how to sleep without them. It only took two times of you falling asleep without them before you were adjusted. Two times! I was so worried it would be a big deal - something we’d have to struggle with for weeks, but you conquered that milestone like it was nothing! You’ve made every adjustment SO easy for Mommy - so I’m expecting potty training to be a nightmare as payback :)

Christmas is almost here, and while I know you’ll be more excited in future years - your zest for all things Christmas this season is a lot of fun! You LOVE to watch The Grinch (it sounds like Ginch when you say it) and Snoopy (or, soupy). You say “Christmas Tree”, “Santa” and “Ho Ho Ho”. You are very interested when we tell you how Christmas morning works and that you’ll have lots of presents to open. We know you don’t completely understand the concept yet, but even your slight excitement is enough to make us wish Christmas would just get here already!

You didn’t love Santa this year, though. We took you to a brunch with Grandma & Grandpa W and family - and while you would carry on a conversation with Santa as long as I was holding you, you LOST IT when we put you on his lap! You were so upset you covered your face and cried into your little hands. It was heartbreaking! I resolved not to take you to see Santa at the mall this year and let what little pictures we got at that event be enough!

Also, you LOVE playing in the snow with Daddy! You are SO CUTE all bundled up in your snow gear! You love to plop down in the snow, eat it (and say “It taste ice!”), fill your sand bucket full of snow with your sand shovel, and even slide down little hills that Daddy builds for you. It’s so cute watching you enjoy the snow!

Oh, and finally - I’m not sure why I didn’t tell you this in your letter last month - BIG NEWS! Mommy and Daddy just found out that you’re going to be a BIG BROTHER in July!!!! I think it’s too early to tell what you think of the idea or how you will react when the time comes - but we are SO EXCITED for you to have a sibling!!!

Well cheeks, I hope this Christmas season (your last one as our only baby!!) proves to be a ton of fun - and I hope you know how VERY MUCH we love you. Mommy is your biggest fan, baby doll :)

Lots and lots and LOTS of Love,

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