Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year we recycled the tux that Luke wore in Aunt Mallory's wedding and used it to dress up as James Bond! To make it obvious, I glued a 007 to black gift bag - I thought it looked a little like a briefcase while also being a treat bag. Not everyone got it, but enough did ;)

halloween 003

halloween 009

We did our trick or treating at Nana & Papa's house this year since our street doesn't have any sidewalks or a lot of other kids around. Luke did a great job - saying trick or treat and signing thank you! It was so cute. At one house, one of the women knew he was signing and signed you're welcome in response - love it!

halloween 014

halloween 018

After our trick or treating, we came back to have dinner, sort through candy, and watch the Ghost Hunters episode at the Grand Central Terminal before heading home.

halloween 019

halloween 022

halloween 023

He's catching on to this Halloween thing!

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