Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Luke (22 Months)

Dear Lukey,
November 15, 2010

You get mad if anyone calls you anything other than 'Lukey" these days - proudly jamming your thumb to your chest and saying "NO, I YUKEY!", even if someone just says, "you're silly!". I suppose I'll start your letter out that way this month so you aren't mad at me. :) You understand your identity in an interesting way, these days. You often say family (which sounds like "famy") and then go around saying mommy, daddy, edward (ahwah), odin (owen) and lukey (yukey). It's truly sweet.

So, you're 22 months today. What the heck! You're so big. You're nearly 30 pounds and 3 feet. What happened to my squish??

You are such a smart little guy. Your ability to speak the way you do is your most common compliment (the second being how handsome you are :) ). While your grammar is far from correct - you are stringing 4 and 5 word sentences together now! You made Grandma laugh yesterday when we were in the car and I put some music on - you got all excited and exclaimed, "I like it song!" (which to you means, I like this song).

You often amaze me with things like that. One day you had a little side conversation about a toy that wasn't working. Your speech went like this: "Uh oh, not workin! Need batteries. Where screwdriber, mama?". Seriously, could you be any cuter??

Let's see what can count to ten! It's so impressive. And so far the only letters you get right 100% of the time are O & B - but I'm working on teaching you the letters of your name, now. I have a feeling it will take us almost no time! You've picked up a couple new signs, too - "thank you" (instead of only saying the words), "diaper" and "poop". OH - and you are VERY particular about pronouncing the S on plural words. It's a sound that you'd have to hear to understand, but many times the "s" sound comes a few seconds after the word because you're making sure you're set your mouth up right to say it correctly. It's sooo cute!

You have been my #1 fan lately. Grandma has been complaining that you don't care about her anymore, only Mommy. (Don't tell her I said so, but that's okay with me :) ). You are the sweetest little guy - often offering up hugs and kisses to me & Daddy, just because. You do the same for the kitties - although Edward is the only one willing to accept them. You even hug the fish tank after you help Daddy feed them! You've got so much love to give, little man - I love that about you! You've also been telling us all that we're handsome. Hmm...maybe mommy says that one to you a little too much lol :)

Your favorite things these days are - books, puzzles, kitchen utensils (you are always telling people that you're cooking eggs! lol), airplanes, trains, and dinosaurs. You even say T-Rex - it's so cute!! You've been a big fan of your Brobee, too. You carry him around, share your snacks and drinks with him, read books to him, put him down for naps, and you even tried to put a diaper on him the other day!! Do you need a sibling, or what?? Hopefully you will have one by next summer! ;)

This past month you celebrated your 2nd Halloween. You were James Bond - and an extremely handsome one at that! Many ladies giggled at the site of you. You absolutely insisted on holding your candy bag yourself - even if it meant dragging it along the sidewalk! I guess you didn't even trust Mommy & Daddy to carry it for you! You sure do love that candy! You did an awesome job - you were sick and it was cold, but we bundled you up and you said trick or treat, boo, and thank you to every single person. It was impressive!

We're getting VERY excited for the rest of the holidays coming up!! I've been talking to you about Christmas lately, and while I'm not sure you'll truly get it until you start seeing it....I can tell you're going to be a TON of fun this year!

I can't believe we only have 2 months left of this 2nd year of yours. It's been a fun, crazy, silly, loving year - and while I'm sad to see it wind down, I'm in love with who you are becoming and I can't wait to see how you continue to grow! I love you more than anything, bubs. Truly.


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