Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear Luke (21 Months)

Dear Lukey,
October 27, 2010

You’re sitting in my lap as I type this, and while that makes it a little more difficult, I don’t mind. You never used to sit with me the way you do lately - I’m soaking it up!! You have been SUCH a sweetheart. You offer up hugs and kisses (often exclaiming “Need hug! Need hug!” like you’ll explode if you don’t get one), you sink into snuggles like you’re soaking up our love, and you even say “I love you”! (It sounds a bit like “Ah wuv you”)

You’ve done quite a lot this month! We went on your second trip to the zoo with Buffalo Mommies, and you shared a wagon with your bud Emy - swapping snacks and eating the whole time! Your cousins came to visit and you just LOVED Sean. You were constantly saying his name, following him around, and asking him to play with you. You got so excited to see him every time we visited with them. We took you all to The Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence, and while it was very busy and we weren’t able to buy any pumpkins - you had a great time! You tried a bloomin’ onion (and, uh, LOVED it)...attempted to pick up every pumpkin you came across...played the duck pond game (your favorite!) and went on a hay ride (which you REALLY loved!).

A few days later we took you to the Wheatfield Pumpkin Farm to actually buy pumpkins, and you loved checking out the animals on their farm. You’re just an outdoorsy kinda guy! We bought a bunch of pumpkins while we were there, and since then you keep talking about the “pumpkin farm” and saying “biiiig pumpkins!”. You’ve really gotten into the fall spirit this year!

You and Connor are getting along much better these days! You both still have your moments - you love to tease each other, actually - but for the most part you get along great. Whenever you have a snack, drink, or toy you always say “Connor, too?” - he’s really becoming a “normal” part of life for you, and I’m really happy about that.

Your speech has grown into paragraphs. Simple, short, not-completely-accurate paragraphs - but a string of sentences, none the less! You are always SO serious about what you’re saying - which is probably why you are so good at speaking already! I’ve even had actual coherent conversations with you over the phone...which I think is impressive for your age!

One of the funniest things you do, is how you respond to questions. You can never just say “yes” or even “yeah” always say “sure” or “of course”. I can’t tell if you just like the words better, or are trying to be different, or want to sound more casual...but it’s completely adorable, and uniquely you. I love it about you. “You want an apple, Lukey?”.... “Sure” :)

Speaking LOVE Apples! Bananas, plums, oranges, pears, melon, berries - pretty much every kind of fruit! You often request “muffins” and “doughnuts” by name...which is really ridiculously cute, as much as I wish you didn’t love them so much. Oh, and - you’ve decided that when cake (or any dessert for that matter) is present, it means it’s some one’s birthday. You get very excited and start shouting “Happy Day! Happy DAY!”

I know I say this all the time, but I really wish I could freeze you at the age you are now. You are so smart, silly, and sweet...I couldn’t have asked for more in a son!

I love you sooooo much, handsome!

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