Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear Luke (20 Months)

Dear Bubby,
September 20, 2010

Oooh my goodness....we’ve hit the 20’s. I feel like it was just yesterday when I found out I was pregnant with you, and now look how close to 2 years old you are! People weren’t kidding when they said time flies with little ones!

Remember how I said there was some overlap with your previous month because I took so long to write it?’s the first of that. In the middle of August, we took you on your first trip to a theme park with Nana (which is what you call Grandma D these days). You had SO much fun on the rides! We only took you on the tamer things - the big train that goes around the park, the carousel, and the big slide. You LOVED the big slide! You were a tad nervous when we climbed to the top, but after I told you to hang onto Mommy you calmed down and laughed the whole way down. You were begging me to go back down it! You had so much fun....checking out the animals, feeding geese, sampling snow cones, playing the duck pond game - I’m looking forward to next summer when you can REALLY get into it!

Mommy’s birthday was in August, too. This was the first time you’ve truly grasped the concept of birthdays - and all that comes with them. You really enjoyed the singing and blowing out candles - and of course, the cake!

One thing you’ll learn about me as you get older is that I’m extremely impatient where the holidays are concerned. October through December is my favorite time of year, and I’m always looking for ways to rush to them. SO, this month, when the weather started dipping into the 60’s, I decided it was time to break out the fall decorations and start the yearly traditions. We started out with Apple Picking at Peter Baker Farms in Lewiston - you were VERY good at picking the apples! And seeing the apple trees and making the connections about where they come from awakened a new love of apples for you. They’re now one of your favorite foods!

Another new thing this month - Mommy started babysitting a little boy named Connor. He is only 4 months younger than you and eats, sleeps and plays just like you - so our days haven’t had to change very much. You have a hard time sharing your toys and your Mommy sometimes, but you guys have a lot of fun together, I think you’ll be buds before long!

You’ve got a lot of fun things coming up soon....your Aunt & cousins from AZ will be in town next week and I can’t wait to see how you guys play together now that you’re a little bigger! You were only 8 months old the last time you saw them!

Keep being you, little man....I love who you are more than you’ll ever know!!


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