Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Luke (18 Months)

Dear Chubby Cheeks,

I don't even know where to start. I'm caught between, bawling - over the fact that you're A YEAR AND A HALF OLD, and exploding with a million gooey sentiments about how much I love you and who you've (very quickly) become.

It's still remarkable to me - how so many of your personality traits were so obvious early on. You are still that smiley, 3 month old, coo-ey baby - just in big, loud, brutal toddler form. When I look into your eyes (when you sit still long enough to allow me to), I still see my tiny hours-old newborn, and my overly chubby six month old, and my happy, eager 1 year old. I also see me, since the shape of your eyes (not the color!) seems to be the only physical characteristic of mine you've inherited. You have your dad's nose, mouth, face structure, dimple, skin tone, physic - even stance. You're his tiny, chubby clone!

The little boy you are becoming is someone that, even had you not been mine, I would still love so completely. Your personality is so bright and silly - you are so eager to please and make people laugh. You can be shy sometimes, and your feelings are hurt to the core when someone takes a toy of yours away, but before long you warm up and start handing things out like my own little Santa Claus. It's very hard to not be charmed by your smiles and giggles - and I'm pretty sure you already know that!

Your vocabulary is still incredible. I'm anxious to check the spreadsheet I keep of your words (it's on the laptop with Daddy in NC) to see what the actual number is, but I know you've at least hit 75. You pick up new words every single day, it seems! My favorite of yours right now is "ice" - because of the way you are SO intent on making the "ssss" sound at the end of it. It's always exaggerated, and I can't help but laugh.

Lots of things happened this month! We got a new kitten - Edward, who you love. The jury is still out on whether or not the feeling is mutual. You love to squat down and give him a little kiss on his nose. You also love to chime in and say "no, no!" when Daddy & I are trying to train him somehow. I think you like being on the giving end of that phrase.

You also learned a few new tricks this month. You finally figured out how to blow bubbles! For the longest time you'd just play with the wand and "pretend" to blow - but now you can do it! You should have seen your (and my, and nana's) excitement when you continued to do it! You also learned (sigh....), to take off your own diaper. I'm really truly hoping that this doesn't become a habit. You also fell IN LOVE with the pool! The BIG pool! You were NOT a fan the first couple times we took you in, but when the water warmed up (what, with all the 90 degree days we've been having!) you were a BIG fan. You spent an hour in there one day!

You celebrated your second 4th of July at the start of the month. We had a big party at our house, and you had tons of fun! We had so many friends and family members over - you weren't sure what you wanted to do or who you wanted to play with at any given moment!

Some of your favorite things are - Grapes, Milk (of course, I think you'll be toasting with it on your wedding day), Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba, pretending to talk on the phone (or any object you decide is a phone), Elmo, Cake (sigh....thank your grandma for that one), playing with Daddy in the backyard with a ball or your golf clubs, and going to the library. The thrill on your face and the acceleration in your step as we approach the kid's section are absolutely priceless.

Starting tomorrow, you'll be closer to two than one, and I'm SO not ready for that. Though I suppose I am, at the same time (Parenthood is so confusing). Later this month you'll be a handsome ring barer in your aunt's wedding! But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Mommy needs to take this growing up thing ONE day at a time.

Thanks for being everything I ever could have dreamed of, bubby. I love you so very very much!



  1. This is such a great post. I also had to smile that you son has your eyes, but not in color and is a clone of his father, since that's pretty much the situation over here as well. =)

  2. Ah that's is so sweet! He's just too cute! I do a similar monthly recap for KLV, she's 17 months. I'm sure he will love reading about his progress, and so will his future wife and children. Such a gift!

  3. He's ridiculously adorable! So cute...! I want to pinch his cheeks. :)

  4. This is such a sweet post. What a cutie pie!

  5. So so sweet. He is such a cutie!

    Stopping by from the Tea Party. Have a great weekend!

  6. What a cutie pie he is!!

    BTW, I have something for you!

  7. he is so cute!! what a sweet post! My son would love that Elmo shirt! :0)

  8. Precious...I love this...I do the same thing for my daughter!

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