Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Luke (17 Months)

Dear Bubby,

I love you, Bubs. I do. And I'm sure you know that by now, but I swear - every single day I love you more - even when I think it's no longer possible.

I just can't help it! Your chubby little...everything, gets me every time. The cheeks, the thighs, the arm rolls, the dimply little bum, ah! I know you're going to hate me for saying that one day, but for now you are my baby - my one and only baby - and I'm going to soak you up while that is true.

And your intelligence? You are completely amazing. Really. You have a vocabulary of about 50 words & 15 signs. Do you know how crazy that is? By this point you're only "supposed" to have mama, dada, and about 3-5 other words in your arsenal. It's amazing. And - I think the most incredible part of it all, is that I only have to show you a sign 1-2 times and you pick it up permanently. You are SO smart!

Last month my favorite of your new words were "taco" and "hockey" (Which you are constantly saying. You LOVE tacos, and our hockey team's logo is all over this house for you to point out). This month, I LOVE the way you say "where go?" with your little arm stuck out inquisitively. Sometimes you'll say "dada go?" or "mama go?". Or "where go? mama". I love iiiit!

Your newest passion is pools (both your kiddie pool, and our big pool). You haven't gotten IN the big pool yet (because it's been leaking and causing Mommy & Daddy major headaches), but we've let you reach in to splash and the excitement on your face is priceless. We're hoping to have it ready to go for you this weekend - I cannot waaait to see your reaction!

You also LOVE sports! We have a golf tee in our backyard (ya know, that cool green square you love to dance on) and if Daddy forgets to put his club away you try your hardest to hold it like Daddy does and push those little balls around. We also got you the smallest soccer ball they make to get you kicking something around (you LOVE to kick). One day Daddy was showing you some soccer moves, including hitting it with his head, and when the ball was back in your hands you set it down and pushed it along the ground with your head. Sorry, son, but...LOL.

You still LOVE (like, seriously, almost obsessively) LOVE, LOVE books. I like to think that you take after me on this one, and that it's a positive thing. Your Daddy might not agree, because he's always complaining about my endless boxes of books that he has to move around and unpack. I passed that bug on to you, I fear. Everyone that has seen your new room says, "WOW, he has a lot of books!" as soon as they enter. What they don't know is, the ones on your shelf aren't all of them. You have another bin in your room full of them, 2 more boxes in the garage, and a ton left at both Grandma's houses.

What? I want you to be well versed. :)

Whenever we spend time indoors, you're busy in your room - pulling books off the shelves, flipping through pages and babbling along, handing them to me and signing "book" because you want me to read it to you. As the day goes on, books just pour out of your room and I've had to set up a designated "book area" in the living room. I just pile them all there & return them to your shelf at the end of the day - and it's always like a library-sized pile of books. I will never (EVER) make you feel bad about having to clean up that mess every day.

And of course, you have your toddler-y bad habits, too. You spill the cat's water bowl on average, 3 times a day. Nothing seems to get you to stop doing that except for not giving the cat water at all (poor thing). We have to wait until you're in bed at night or taking your naps to give him his water! We're working on that.

Also, the pacifiers. Oh baby. You've always been truly fantastic with pacifiers - ONLY using them for sleep. You even used to take them out & hand them to me before we left your room because you knew they were only for bedroom/sleeping use. Not so much anymore.

When we moved into the new place, you wanted your pacifiers to go everywhere with you. I fought it for the first couple days, but then I realized this was A LOT for you to take on at this particular age, and you needed a little comfort and stress relief. It's been 3 weeks since the move, and since you seem completely content in your new house, I fear your usage is now out of habit. I've started taking them as soon as you're done sleeping & putting them up where you can't reach, and you're kind of upset with me about it. You'll ask for them, I'll say no, and then you crumble into my lap for a minute or two before moving on.

I've noticed you carrying around your stuffed whale as a replacement - it's pretty cute! I just don't want to have to break your heart over pacifiers when you're two years old, love. I promise it would be harder then.

It's been a very busy month for you, but we've had a fun time watching you grow and adjust to your brand new home. While you may have been a little stressed deep down, you dove right into your new surroundings and I love your energy and enthusiasm for life. You make my entire life, cheeks. I'm so glad you let me be your mommy.


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  1. Those pictures are BEYOND cute...that last one kills me!!!