Monday, May 24, 2010

Since you last heard from me....

  • My blow dryer caught on fire. While I was using it. THAT was fun.
  • I went a little bleach crazy at the new house. Germs are gross.
  • I convinced BH to let me have a craft room! I've since painted it & picked way fun decor. It's killing me that I have all this unpacking, organizing & cleaning to do because I just want to go in there and craft my heart out!
  • I moved into my house! We spent our first night here Saturday. We had our very first bon fire in our awesome fire pit. It lasted about 10 minutes because it started raining. Of course.
  • I've painted so much....I can't even remember it all. I hurt.
  • The internet got installed at the house (obviously).
  • I've kind of lost my mind a bit. But just WAIT til you see what I've done with the place :)

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