Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New House Exhaustion!

I've barely even sat down since Saturday afternoon. I spent 20 hours between Sunday & Monday painting (and that doesn't even include the couple hours Saturday night spent taping, spackling, pulling out nails, sanding, dusting, etc).

Very strange body parts hurt. Like my ankles. What is that all about? And my hip? Oh wait...I think that must be from when I backed up into a toilet paper holder (don't ask).

But ya know what? :

Yay, indeed.

We are once again home owners. This time our dwelling is a brick ranch circa 1953 complete with a 3-car wide driveway and an almost-acre lot.

We've been knee-deep in projects since we closed. I know it's the "smart" thing to do - painting & re-flooring & cleaning all before moving in. But it feels very strange to own a home and not live there. My things aren't there. The big move is going to happen this weekend so that will all change soon, but - I hate leaving it at the end of the day - even after hours of work. I just crave being there.

I'm learning two things very quickly.

1) I really love this house, and when we are finished doing our work, I think I'm going to love it oodles more than our NC house which is super fantastic because I occasionally shed tears over my ex-house.

2) The people who lived in this house before us were lazy mofos and may or may not have cleaned or maintained anything in all their years there. (My money's on NOT.)

BUT, we're getting there.

I have a whole mess of pictures (because I can't help myself) but I want to save them for a bit so I can reveal my decor mojo to you in a way that makes sense. Howeverrrr, I have plenty from our painting festivities this weekend and you'll get a few sneak peeks!

Please note their over-use of yellows. Whyyyy.

And if you say anything about the orbs I'll punch you (virtually, of course) because it was 100% dust. I swiped the lens after I noticed them & I never saw them again.

My sister, her fiance & one of my good friends taping off Luke's room Saturday night.

The boys' bathroom ready for paint!

Painting party! Isn't this a to die for color? I cannot wait til the room is put together!

Luke wasn't at the house on Sunday for the "main" painting party, but we had a few second coat projects to finish up at the house on Monday. While it was nice to be as productive as possible on Sunday, it was sooo nice having him around on Monday.

Well, until he did this.

This being, a 1/2 gallon of ceiling paint spilled directly on the living room carpet.

And this is how he felt about it.

Oh well.

Mama gets a new carpet!

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  1. You are lucky to have so many willing participants. Hope you have a great day (visiting from SITS)