Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

How was your mother's day? I hope fantastic.

Mine was faaaabulous. It was "technically" my third. My first was in 2008 - I took my FIRST positive pregnancy test ever. The next year was the first time I was a "real" mom. I got roses, truffles, and the March of Dimes Mother's Love necklace. I loooved it. Until my son broke it a few months later, which is too ironic for words.

This year, he was a bit more aware. Not in the "wow, my mom is great and I should spoil her today" sense, because...well he's only 15 months. But he followed his Daddy's simple commands and made my day ultra sweet.

In the morning, Matt & Luke brought me coffee in bed. The whole trip up the stairs Luke kept saying "coff-coff" (coffee) and "hot!". Along with coffee came a card from my babes, which his Daddy asked him to hand to me, and he did. Simple as that moment was, I LOVED it. He didn't pick out the card, or sign his name, but he did give it to me. So sweet.

When we got downstairs, Matt told me to put a coat & shoes on because my first gift was outside. I had nooo idea what this could possibly be - and honestly, wasn't looking forward to going out in the cold. (It's been like, unseasonably warm where I was 80 on Wednesday. Yesterday? It was 40 and SNOWING. Puke!)

I followed directions, stepped outside, and I saw...this:

Oh, my, goodness.

The sweetness in this gesture is just, ridiculous. It's more than just the fact that lilacs are my fav - I've wanted to surround myself with lilacs forever, and moving into a new house with these was so exciting!

After all of the morning hustle, we set out on our first of many stops. We went to Matt's parents early and grabbed more coffee & bagels on the way. The drive between my mom's house, and Matt's mom's house is about 25 minutes, so we had a lot of time to talk about the house and such, which is when....Matt told me I had another present coming to me.

See, Matt is kind of ridiculous at gift giving. And by ridiculous I mean, scary good. He always knows JUST what to do (see lilacs), and always always surprises me. I require NOTHING (seriously, I'm extremely easy to please) and I like sentimental things much much more than material things, but he still hits it out of the park every single time.

While Matt was in Charlotte last week on business, he was given another raise. Which, was a surprise to all of us. He just got promoted in the fall & was given quite a huge raise - so we all thought he wouldn't be getting his yearly one come Spring. Because of all the hard work he does (including traveling with only a couple day's notice!) they gave him a good raise after all. (This is relevant, I swear).

So...there we were, on the way to Matt's Mom's house and he let me in on his "1 more present" secret. He said that for all the hard work I do for Luke & around the house, he wanted to give me something else I've always wanted - but had to turn down many times because of the extra cost. His raise really came at a perfect time to allow us to afford this, so....

He's getting me a new phone! With a data plan! SWEEEET!

Also good timing? I dropped my current phone in a sink full of water last week and now it just randomly decides when it feels like turning itself off. not so good, obviously.

He almost pulled the trigger & bought the phone himself, but he was going to get me what HE would have wanted & decided he'd rather have me there to chose the phone I want. He's encouraging me to get this one:

And in my understanding, this is like...verizon's iphone? My father in-law has this phone, and I know it's all touch screen, no keypad or keyboard, and it's supposed to not only be wicked fast on the internet, but take really kind of amazing pictures. The only downside to this one, is that it's expensive. Matt said he's willing to spend the money if this is the one I want, but then, I could also get this:

Which I've wanted for years. I can't tell you how many times I almost bit the bullet and got this one, even with the extra cost of the data plan when we were trying to cut costs. I mean, I WANTED this. The perks of this one? It's pink. And if you know me at all......

Also? It's free. up-front cost to get this one anymore. Def a perk. And I suppose it's a plus that there's a keypad. And I'm used to blackberry's layout and such from playing with Matt's.

He said I can go get this anytime I make my decision this week...but I can't seem to make a decision! Getting the pink BB would be like fulfilling a multi-year want and would feel pretty darn satisfying. Plus it's free. And pink. But the other one? The other one is like....state of the art, and has A LOT more to offer. Lots more to play with, and less time before it's obsolete.



  1. Totallllllly cute. That first picture is just beautiful :)

    Honestly, I'm going to have to recommend the first one. While I LOVE my QWERTY keyboard, I think you'll just be overall more satisfied with a phone that can do more. & maybe you can find a pink cover for it??

  2. wondering what one you picked... I have a BB, it's "smokey violet" but i would have rather had pink!! i was looking at the droid too, but i went with cheap.. lol!