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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mallory's Bridal Shower

So here I am, alive, inhaling a left over coffee cake muffin Lynne made for the shower, thinking about ALL the work that went into yesterday's shindig and how it feels so....weird, to be without an obligation for someone else.

This weekend I was pretty much a hurricane of wedding-flavored chaos. I may have made sausage and bacon at 11pm on Saturday. I mayyyy have snapped at a few people. I may have gone a little crazy wondering if there'd be enough food. But it paid off. Because....everyone loved the shower and wants to hire me to plan theirs. Okay, maybe not true, but it was great.

The shower took place in the same fire hall where my baby shower was in the Fall of 2008. It was bizarre to be back there (with my baby crawling crazily around the wide open space while we set up tables) and to think that the last time I was there, I had a giant baby in my belly. Instead, he was climbing up my legs and saying "ma-ma! ma-ma!" and making it impossible to get anything done. But it was a little nostalgic. The circle of life is sweet.

There were 9 of us there early, and with all of us working, we had it done and set up in no time. Tables, chairs, table cloths, 66 balloons, favors, raffle tickets, raffle baskets, cake, punch, coffee, food tables, gift table - we did it all in time, it was great! We had the room looking purpley and gorgeous before my sister, the bride, arrived.

Here are the finished favors we slaved over!

The food? The food, was.....AMAZING! My sister requested brunch (funnily enough, that's what we did for my baby shower), so I asked members of our family (and her future in-laws) to contribute dishes. Aaannnnnd did they. We had muffins, coffee cake, banana bread, doughnuts, bagels, scones, fruit salad, crepes with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream, homefries, sausage, sliced ham, breakfast pizza, cheesy potatoes, chicken a la king, egg quiches, Swedish meatballs, bread and butter....omggg. I'm not kidding, I had 2 plates. And I don't mean I went up for seconds. I mean it took 2 plates to get a little of (almost) everything to my seat. Of course I ended up disgustingly full & had no room for cake but, meh. No regrets.

We played my 2 fav bridal shower games - those being Toliet Paper Bride (OF COURSE!) and How Well Do You Know the Bride & Groom?. Toilet Paper Bride was hilarious, as expected. One of our friends dressed up as a Michael Jackson-Lady Gaga hybrid. There were two extreme underage brides, too. We're talkin' 8 & 6 . They were certainly adorable...and the 6 year old won.

To jazz up the gift opening segment of the shower, we held a theme basket raffle that went extremely well. We'd left tickets on every guests' seat to put in the raffle when they came in, and part of the game prizes was more tickets. Our 6 year old bride won a basket of lottery tickets, from which she won $20 and was able to convince her mom to buy her the $40 camera she wanted with her new $20 as a contribution. Happy ending for our mini-bride :)

There were only a few minor hang ups:
  • One of the power outlets didn't work, so a whole power strip's worth of crock pots and other warming devices didn't work, and my sister's future in-laws nearly busted a vein each in response. We finally moved the table and all was well.
  • Um, we kind of...completely, 100% blanked on bringing a ladle of some kind for the punch. We started out just using another cup, and then asked my Grandma to bring one from home. They couldn't find it, so she had to stop at the store. Oops.
  • We left the sugar cubes (for the coffee) at home, Gram had to save the day and bring those with her, too.
  • We......ran out of plates. People still wanted seconds, but there were no plates to have them with. Luckily, one of the bridesmaids had a hubby nearby, so he picked some up and dropped them off so everyone could eat cake and take left overs home with them.
But that....was it. And considering all of the uh-oh's were fixable, I'd call it a smashing success!

Here are a few more pictures...

something was really funny, apparently

obligatory balloon release post-shower

And now.....we get back to regularly scheduled life.

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