Friday, May 7, 2010

Luke's first trip to the Zoo!

The other day, Luke and I visited the Buffalo Zoo (his first time ever!) with my friend, Lynne and her daughter.

He was noot so thrilled about the stroller, but aside from his temporary whining when being put in it, he was good - and enjoyed the animals. He was kind of amazed by the sea lions, the ant eaters, and the polar bears. He was excited for the monkeys (and kept making monkey noises all morning) so I thought he'd be pumped about them -but I think Lynne & I had more fun laughing at their rainbow-colored butts than the kids did.

Stroller-ed up and ready to see some animals!

Seriously, weirdest looking things ever.

We went back outside to watch this tiger who was anxiously pacing around & searching for food.

Seriously, it was a little bit creepy how he kept stopping to look directly at me. I think he wanted me for lunch.

We thought these were pretty cool, too:

And the gorillas? Oh my gosh. I was kind of creeped out by them. I mean, I've seen them before...I've been to many zoos! But there is just something totally creepy about how HUMAN they look and act. Lynne said it was like watching humans in costumes. I couldn't have put it better. This dude had totally shifty eyes:

There were sooo very many monkeys of different kinds to see. All with ranging hues of bums. This guy even had rainbow colored privates!

Kiddos watching hyenas.

We have cheesy kids.

where's the flood, man?

Before we left, we stopped at the gift shop. I'd planned to get something for Luke to commemorate his first zoo trip - especially since it cost us nothing! I found a set of zoo animals that were soft & squishy. I opened them up on the way home to entertain him....and he decided to use them as chew toys.

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  1. We had soooo much fun. I love it that he has the Zebra in his mouth. It was the best one out of the package!