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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dear Luke (16 Months)

Dear Cheeks,

I hope 10 years from now you don't hate my guts for calling you that - but right now, you answer to it. I guess that means I say it too much, hmm. have the best cheeks EVER, I'm hardly to blame.

Speaking of cheeks, you have a bruise on your left one right now. You were just cruising along, and when you do this you typically pick up speed as you go - which is when your legs wobble and you get a little out of control - and this time, you face planted. It was very sad for both of us - even though I know it's your first of many, many, many bruises as the brute of a boy you are! But, did you catch that? Do you get it?

You WALK!!!

Oh baby boy, I was staring to think the day would never come. Not because I thought you had a "problem" - you've always been a strong sturdy little man and you walked behind your walk-assisting toys like it was your job. You just needed more practice and some extra confidence. Everyone told me not to wish it on you because you'd be a hellion on 2 legs (they were right), but my urgency for it is....well, you are nearly 30 pounds. And solid. And Mommy really needs the break from carrying you absolutely EVERYWHERE sometimes. When we went to check out appliances for the new house the other day, you walked around the store by yourself, and then between me & Daddy (holding one of each of our hands) to the car, and it was SO NICE. (And adorable.)

While you're now obsessed with practicing your walking skills, it hasn't slowed your speech down at all (which I heard sometimes happens). You pick up new things alllll the time (my favorite parts of your new vocab being "hockey" and "taco", and you say both perfectly. Are you your father's son, or WHAT?). I love how you say "hi" to every single person that crosses your path. I love how you pretend to talk on the phone, ceremoniously hanging it up after you're finished saying "hello" and babbling. I love how incredibly easily you pick up signs now. I showed you the sign for banana TWO times last week, and you did it yourself when you wanted one. Genius baby. Yep.

You are still VERY musically inclined (which I've been saying since you exited the womb). As you've gotten older, you now try to MAKE music (rather than solely dropping everything to dance at the slightest hint of a beat). You cluck your tongue to anything remotely musical - sometimes when there is no music but you want some. You take any stick-like object and use it as a drum stick to play on any surface that sounds cool - which you picked up from playing with Daddy's Guitar Hero World Tour drums. It's really kind of adorable. Until yesterday, when you used my toothbrush to drum on the lid of the toilet seat. Thanks for that, babe. All in the name of music, hmm?

Other big things worth mentioning in your life right now? We're moving!!! Mommy and Daddy have been really super busy trying to put our house together and get it ready for you - and I'm sorry we haven't been as much fun. But when it's all said and done, it'll just be our little family together again - and you'll have your very own ADORABLE room - and I hope you LOVE it!!

You know squish, I never really thought I'd have a baby boy. We don't really have boys on my side of the family. But you've made the experience so utterly enjoyable. I was a little afraid of not knowing how to relate to a little boy and all the grossness and craziness that comes with it. I certainly never thought it would be incredibly adorable to have my baby boy walk up to me, pat his little package and say "poop" - but when it's delivered with a small, chubby baby version of his Daddy's handsome face with the exception of my eyes, it's music to my ears.

I love you, cheekies. Forever and ever!


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  1. He's adorable! what a sweet idea to write him letters! I love it. :)