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Friday, May 7, 2010

Dear Luke (15 Months)

Dear Babes,

UM, HELLO! Your Daddy & I had a conversation this morning about my obsessive need to document your life, and I told him I doubted I'd be so good with our future children. I said I'd always do the monthly pictures & letters, but probably wouldn't end up with 96 pages of JUST the first 6 months for all our future kids because....well, I had a lot of time on my hands and you were too cute for words so we played "photoshoot" A LOT. The point is, during this discussion I realized - I NEVER WROTE YOUR 15 MONTH LETTER! And, a week from today I'll have to be working on your 16 Month letter! Talk about LATE!! I'm sorry!

Because I'm nearly a month late writing this and I have a whole 3 extra week of facts floating around in my head to confuse me about what actually happened, this letter will be a short one. (When you're old enough to look at your scrapbooks, you'll see this is actually a good thing for my layouts. probably won't care.) At any rate!

One thing that I will always remember about your 15th month is that it was the month you started talking. Of course you didn't get anywhere near mastering it! But your vocabulary escalated to about 30 words, plus about 5 signs & about as many animal sounds. At your 15 month appt, the nurse asked if you said at least 3 words. I laughed and said "more like 30!" and her eyes nearly bugged out of her head. Your vocabulary at 15 months was more like the vocabulary of a 18-24 month old. You can't annunciate words or initiate conversations as well as a child of that age, but you can understand as much. It's quite impressive, little man! Your Grandma claims that I could speak even better than you at your age, but I don't think she's remembering it very accurately. As far as I'm concerned, you're the cutest smartest baby that ever lived, so...yeah. :)

You practiced walking A LOT this month, but never got to the point where I could say you were walking. (Your 16 month letter may say something different....sorry, I'm cheating, I know!). The doctor said she'd be more concerned if you weren't speaking and that we'd revisit where you stood at 18 months. She even said she suspected you'd take off in the next month or two, and I think she was right!

Well sweetie, the rest of the details are confusing to me since so much has happened for you lately. I should probably keep it short & sweet so I can be accurate. Mommy was so busy planning Aunt Mallory's shower & getting ready to close on her brand new house that she got pretty distracted! I will say this - your personality grew by leaps & bounds, and we love you more every day!

I love you sooo much!!!


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