Monday, May 31, 2010

Corn & Boat Rides at The Lake

Gorgeous, right? Well.

I'm introducing you's the first of many times you'll hear about the lake. My In-laws own a cottage along the shore of one of the many lakes we have here in NY.

Every time I'm there I see the beauty and smell the fresh air and alllll I want to do is find a shady, breezy spot to read a book or write whatever idea pops into mind. Or, if it's fall or winter, I pull on a cozy pair of socks and curl up under my snuggie near the fire place and do the same.

We recently spent the long holiday weekend there and had a good trip. It had a few firsts involved for Luke - his first cob of corn was one of them!

As blurry as this next one is, you just have to see him being his goofy self.

Ohhh I love it. :) He does that little thing with his fingers when he tries to say something is cute, and I was telling him how cute his sunglasses were. Naturally, he had to demonstrate for the picture.

Moving on.

The other "first" he achieved on our weekend getaway was - his first boat ride! I was kind of on the fence about whether or not I was ready for him to reach this milestone, simply because I'm so very uncomfortable in/on the water.

I suited him up in his toddler life vest (which he hated, with a passion), a little sailor's hat and water shoes - and he pretty much hated his life while he adjusted to having them on. But as soon as the boat started backing out of the dock, he had a smile on his face.

As casual as we look here, I assure you - as soon as the boat started actually moving, I had a death grip on him. (Which was absolutely more for me than it was for him.)

(BTW, he also had SPF swim clothes on underneath and about an inch-thick layer of sunscreen. It's not at all obvious that he's my first, is it?)

Our boating destination was a restaurant at which you can dock your boat & have a meal, which makes the experience super fun simply because of the "hey we drove a boat here!" factor. I knew that Luke was hungry for lunch and I'd hoped to make the whole boat trip before he started screaming for snacks. We weren't on the water for more than a few minutes before Luke started getting droopy - and much to my surprise, he fell asleep!

And then he STAYED asleep through half of lunch!

(This is hubs' brother, taking a "holding" shift)

He was much more "with it" for the return trip, and cute is my little sailor?

I think he had a good time this weekend.

As for me? I DID accomplish some reading - I finished the book I was reading (Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner), read my current issue of Parents magazine, read Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom, and started on White Oleander by Janet Fitch. That felt GREAT considering I've been so consumed by house things I haven't had time to read like that in awhile!

It was a busy, chaotic, HOT weekend - but it was a good time with family. And now that we are all fully exhausted...'s time to get some work done around this half-unpacked house!


  1. Just stopping by after reading a comment of yours somewhere ... but I can't remember where (oh, gees, there goes the mind.) Your blog made me laugh 1)the title & the NOT, 2) the "I'm not blonde" and 3) so MANY times in this post that I lost count! Adorable pictures of your little love - he really is SOOOooo cute.

    And enjoy that lake ... when BB1 is talking back and just doesn't understand that "no" means "NO" and whenever BB2 joins you and is screaming for whatever BB1 has, you'll be wishing for that lake! ;) I'm a follower now - I'll be back for more of your great posts!!!

  2. your little guy is so cute! love how wee ones can sleep anywhere in any position! too funny

  3. Oh my goodness. Your son is SO cute. What a sweetie. It sounds like you had a fabulous time! I love the picture of the sun setting. How pretty is that! Gorgeous!

    I would love to go to a place to eat that you had to get to via boat. How fun is that? Was the food good? : )

  4. I am a new follower from Follow me back Tuesday! Hope you visit as well. Have a great day.
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