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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear Luke (14 Months)

March 20, 2010

Dear Baby Doll,

Mom is extremely behind on your letter this month. This might be the most behind I've ever been with one! We have just had sooo much going on lately - I hope I can do your letter justice despite all the distractions we have right now!

You have been amazing me with your level of comprehension these days. Particularly with signs. This is obviously a great time to introduce new ones to you because you pick them up so easily! The signs you use multiple times a day are, "more", "eat", "milk", "water", "all done", "drink" and "diaper". You occasionally sign "please" & "thank you" - we are still working on those! You understand even more than those (even though you don't do them yourself, you respond to them). Particularly "banana", "cat" and "night-night" (which we use the sign for sleep to say). There was a time I wasn't sure if you'd ever catch on to signs, but you have really learned how to use them to your advantage and seem to really enjoy picking up new ones. Once in a while you will resort to grunting to get your point across (which I hear is a typical toddler thing), and I will remind you that you have a sign - either saying, "use your signs!", or "what would you like?" and you remember you actually DO have a way to say what you want even if you can't say it verbally. I'm so happy you have that! And I really hope we can keep expanding it!

None of that is to say you don't talk because GOODNESS baby, you talk NON STOP! The portion of your babbles that is actual words is small, haha - but your babbles have become complicated - as if you are trying your best to form words and are juuuust falling short. You talk SO animatedly about certain things, it cracks us up! Words you use daily are "Dad" (or a form of it), "baba" (as in bottle), "cat", "s'at" (as in, what's that?), "hi", and even "Hi Dad" (though it sounds kind of like high-da!). You know (and recite) "quack-quack" for duck, "woof-woof" for dog, "meow" for cat (which is TOTALLY the funniest one!) and now "moo" for cow. Moo is your newest sound. You have impressed many people with your animal sounds! :)

The thing you spend most of your days doing (even more than eating, believe it or not!) is sorting. You would sort things over and over and all day long if you didn't need to eat and sleep! You don't always get things right, but you are always SO determined. One of your favorite games lately involves holding a bunch of (unopened) markers and handing them to me one at a time while I say Thank You between each one. You think this is just, incredible. You do it with your cars and the container we keep them in, and now Easter eggs & an Easter basket. You just sit there taking things out, putting them back in, taking them get the picture! You're also a fan of drawing, lately. And of course - you prefer to use "big kid" things like, pens rather than the special (expensive) crayons Mommy bought you for kids your age. You have to be closely supervised, but it's worth the scribbly art you come up with!

One (super cute) thing you're doing lately, is handing me things when you need help. I've been trying to show you to say "please" or "help" in these occasions but usually you are just SO excited about the obstacle you're presenting to me that you can't be bothered. We'll get there! Many times you do this with something you want a drink of (you want me to take the lid off - like the Gatorade bottles your Daddy leaves everywhere!), or maybe a baggy of something you want to get your hands on. You even do this with books. Ohhh do you love books! There are about 5 you're absolutely passionate about, and you'll hand one of them to me to read. As soon as I'm done reading it, you take it back, and then re-hand it to me as if to say, "again!". Sometimes we read the same book 10 times in a row, and while this gets a little old for Mommy I can't ever say no to reading a book with you!

You have become extremely, overly lovey. You still don't like to cuddle (unless you're not feeling well), but the kisses and the hugs - baby, you are the sweetest! Whenever we get you up in the morning or after a nap, you just squeeze SO hard and pat our backs like "I really missed you!". You give out your kisses much easier now - often deciding to say no if you're busy, but it's not quite so hard to get them out of you, anymore. You also blow kisses, now. I absolutely LOVE your affection - I wish I could bottle it.

You have two of your 1 year molars - both left side ones. At least that's what I saw the last time I ventured into your mouth. When those two were fighting to pop you were MISERABLE! You've been showing more teething signs this week, so you are most likely getting the ones on the right side now, if you haven't already. This brings your teeth total up to 10 (maybe more - I'll have to check). We brush them every night and you LOVE IT!! We bought you a tooth brush with guitars all over it (which you love to look at) and you get SO EXCITED when it's time to brush your teeth. You squeal on the way to the bathroom and smile through the whole experience.

The weather has been great lately (Spring is here!!!) so we have been taking you for walks every day - sometimes twice a day. You love it! We have never had a bad experience on a walk with you. Your attitudes are either overly enthusiastic - leaning over the sides of the stroller to point at things and "talk" excitedly about everything you see - or you completely relax, reclining and calmly enjoying the ride. No matter which mood you are in, you truly enjoy going on them and get SO happy when I ask if you want to go. I'm really looking forward to taking you out in the yard to play this summer! And YES - we have a yard!!! Or we will by May, anyway! We found a house in [the north] and not only signed our contract this week but had a totally positive inspection on it. There are a few things we need to fix (simply because we need a little more space in a few areas), but the house is fantastic! The yard is enormous and the schools are amazing - I know this means noting to you right now, but someday it will! I think our yard will prove to be a really great part of your childhood memories. It is nearly 500 feet deep, has a huge pool, trees, a sandbox - SO much room to run! There's even a fort built into the trees at the back of the lot - but Daddy will have to help you fix that up before Mommy ever lets you set foot in that thing!

Well sweet boy, I guess I had a lot to say even with everything that's been going on lately! It's funny - sometimes I don't realize I have SO much to say about you until I sit down and start writing. I guess I don't realize how much I'm witnessing by being home with you every day until I actually try to sort through it. That is such a gift - having so many moments with you that they even need sorting. I'm truly blessed to be home with you everyday! When we move into our new house, Daddy will be working from our home (rather than his make-shift office at Grandma & Grandpa *******'s), so he will be home with us all day, too! He won't get to play with us - but he'll still be there. How awesome is it to have BOTH your Mommy and Daddy with you all day? You are a lucky little man, VBB1 :)

I love you SOOOOO much chubby cheeks!


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