Sunday, March 28, 2010

Introducing, Home Sweet Home...

So, we bought this:

Which doesn't look all that exciting except a) this angle cuts off the addition completely, making it look like a tiny dwelling and b) you haven't seen the yard yet...

Keep in mind that was taken in March, in the dead of winter, in the North, so your pants may not have been wowed off of you, but I'll take another picture when the trees fill out and believe me, your pants will be MIA.


I haven't really voiced my true emotionally charged frustrations over not having a home, but I assure you - there are many. Some good, most bad. It is a huge, monumental relief to have found "home", even though we aren't allowed in until mid-May since closings seem to take quite a while, here. My life has been consumed with realtor talks, paper work, loan contingencies, insurance and tax garbage, paint colors, etc etc.....

I can't wait to settle in and call it home!

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