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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!

Matt brought home flowers home from work on Friday, so I've been able to enjoy these all weekend! They are so pretty!!

This morning I went downstairs to get all the goodies set up and ready for breakfast. While I would have liked to do a little more (I was kind of under prepared, really)...I wanted to make a least a little something special. I think next year I'm going to host a pink & red V-day brunch with tons of pink & red foods!

Luke snacked on grapes while he waited for the main event. He loooves grapes lately!

This is what I ended up making....I didn't have a metal heart-shaped cookie cutter, so I had to free-hand the shapes. They were a little sloppy, but everyone got the idea!

Lukey had the first one :)

The end result....YUM! My mom is going to watch Luke for us tonight so we can go celebrate. I think we're leaving EARLY for dinner to try and beat the crowds & waiting lines a little. I'm not sure what we're doing after....Matt's left me in the dark this year. Hope you all have fantastic V-day celebrations ahead!!

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