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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dear Luke (9 Months)

Dear Luker, October 15, 2009

Oooh baby boy you are growing up TOO FAST! This has been a pretty wild month for you, but it's just going to get crazier from here!

You crawl around like you've been doing it for years, and the way you go from crawling-to-sitting, sitting-to-crawling, crawling-to-kneeling, sitting-to-standing...kind of has my head spinning! You are just loving the freedom, but your poor little forehead is always covered in little bruises. You never stop to think, you just do do do! And you're always bumping your little head on whatever gets in your way! Sometimes it's pretty scary, the things you try to do. You're such a daredevil! You're constantly standing up in your crib, and for a while you didn't know how to get back down so that messed with your naps a bit! You've finally resigned yourself to falling back on your butt when you just get too tired.

I have a feeling you think you're bigger than you are. At playgroup, you always try to hang out with the big kids, who are 2-3, and you don't even care that you might get trampled on! You just want to play with their toys, follow them, watch what they're are so anxious to grow up it seems!

Speaking of growing up, you're getting so big!! You are in size 4 diapers now, and 12 month clothes. Your doctor's appointment is tomorrow, I'm looking forward to seeing how much you weigh and how long you've gotten!

This past month, we took a trip back home to *******. You had your first multi-hour time away from Mommy and Daddy, your Grandma ******* and Aunt ******* babysat you while we went to a wedding. You did pretty good, but Grandma told me that you kept looking around for me, and instead of being your crazy goofy self, you were very quiet and still. I heard that when Grandma YaYa stopped by you cuddled with her for a while - that was very unlike you!! You were very happy to wake up to us in the morning! We had a lot of fun on the rest of the trip - you got to meet your cousins **** & *****, *****, *** & ***, and you got to go to ****'s birthday party! (You met **** & ***** when you were very very little!) You "watched" a ****** game and a ***** game with family, went for walks, visited all kinds of family...we were all very sad to leave! But, the good news is....the next time Mommy writes you a letter it will be from *******!!! We sold our house in ***** ********. We're sad to leave our house (honestly, even though I've wanted to go back for years, I'm sad that we're leaving YOUR first house!), but we are very very excited for all the good things to come! We are going to be living with Grandma and Grandpa ******* until we can find a new house - and your Grandma is kind of over the moon about that!! I'm sure you guys will have lots of fun together! :)

I almost forgot to mention - you spent time with ******** a few times, and you just LOVE her! I really think it helps that she's older than just love older kids!! The two of you were giving each other kisses - SO cute!! Mommy and Aunt ***** have so much fun with you guys - we're so excited that you get to spend lots of time together SOON!

So, I'm wondering if your quick cuddle with Grandma YaYa was the beginning of something, or if it's because it's been chilly out, or if you're just in a new phase....but for the last few days you have been cuddling with Mommy!!! You just hit a point, usually in the morning, when you desperately try to climb up my legs and you don't feel better until we sit down together in the rocker. Then you put your head down on my shoulder and hold onto me and we rock together for quite a while. You will probably roll your eyes at this, but I cried the first day. You haven't let me hold you like that since you were 4 months old! Ever since you became even slightly mobile you've just had other things on your mind. You never had time to sit and snuggle me, but suddenly you seem to want to. It makes Mommy so happy, I hope this is a LONG phase! :)

You figured out how to feed yourself a few weeks ago. With your fingers, that is. You have taken to playing with spoons lately....but don't quite "get" them. That's going to be a while. You love to take little pieces of food off my hands, or the tray of your high chair. Mommy was so impressed with you when you figured it out, but now YOU think you're pretty cool ;)

Your favorite toys right now are your Tractor that drives itself and plays Old McDonald, and the Bus that plays The Wheels on the Bus. You love to chew on the little people and animals, and you love pushing the tractor and bus back and forth. You also love books - mostly to chew on, but at night you actually follow along on the pages. You've started a little game with Daddy when we read Goodnight Moon - you notice his face behind the book and you crane your neck around the page and laugh when he makes a face at you. It's pretty adorable, but tends to get you pretty riled up before bed! You're also more in love with VBC than you ever were before! And he's realizing that you're more mobile than ever before, so he's now terrified of you. Poor thing! He's constantly trying to get away from you, and you're constantly crawling after him only to have him run away as soon as you get there! I don't know who I feel worse for! :) You've also started playing with your tongue a stick it out constantly, and a lot of times you'll babble while it's hanging out and you think you're hilarious!

Well baby boy, Mommy could go on and on about you forever, but I think I covered the main points. You are a big, strong, solid boy...and you're growing up way way way too fast! I truly love watching you grow and learn all of these things - you're an impressive little man!

I love you so SOOO sooo much!

PS - your two little front teeth are the CUTEST things EVER!

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