Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dear Luke (8 Months)

Dear Lukey, September 15, 2009

Happy 8 Months!! 8 Months?! This is getting a little ridiculous!

I don’t even know where to start…this past month has been HUGE for you! So many things have happened for you – including becoming mobile and starting your collection of teeth! Your personality is more prominent than ever, and I am more and more impressed by you every single day.

Let’s start with your favorite…FOOD! You’ve added zucchini, avocado, plums, chicken and turkey to your list and like them all. You’re particularly enthusiastic about the meats – we give you some for dinner every night and you “mmm” through the whole thing. We also discovered that while you HATE green beans in pureed form, you LOVE them (believe it or not!) in tiny little chunks. I’m not sure if it’s the texture, or the fact that you get to chew – but you can’t get enough of them in normal form. Your favorites are still bananas and sweet potatoes, and you absolutely love puffs and stealing pieces of mommy’s bread/English muffins/hamburger buns, etc. We’ve rearranged your meals a bit so that you’re getting oatmeal in the morning and rice in the evening to get a few different things in your system. And I think this month we’re officially going to start lunch time – I have a feeling you’ll be pleased with all the workouts you’ve been giving yourself lately!! You’ve also gotten really good at holding the bottle by yourself when you’re lying on the floor. You can’t really tip it up high enough when you’re upright, though…still working on that! We have a lot of new foods we can officially introduce in the coming month, so that will be fun!

Onto the biggest piece of news (I think, anyway) – you’re crawling!! You know, I don’t even know what date to say you officially started…because it was such a gradual process for you. You went from rolling and occasionally getting up on all fours, to inching and scooting, to adding in a little extra arm control, and all of a sudden you were clearing whole rooms! I think what you do is still considered “army crawling” because it’s like 80% arms, 20% digging your toes into the floor and pushing, but you get better at it every day. Five days ago you didn’t quite know how to control your propelling forward and you’d face plant into the floor with every other push forward – and by the very next day you had that figured out. Three days ago you started adding a little leg motion. And today you look like a pro that’s been doing what you do for years! So I think a couple more days of practice and you’ll get the “real deal” crawling down pat. Which doesn’t even matter really – even with the method you’re using you get around the entire first floor so fast I can hardly keep up! We have had to do some major baby proofing all of a sudden – your skills kind of snuck up on us!

You have gotten so independent (who I am kidding, you’ve always been independent…or at least tried your hardest). Your days are filled with non-stop exploring and playing. You crawl around the entire first floor, chasing the cat, looking out the front door, picking up toys as you go and playing with everything you can get your hands on. You are so funny - laughing and giggling at everything, making funny noises and babbling constantly. You say mama now, and what almost sounds like mom (but I actually think you’re using it as your word for more since you seem to use it when you’re hungry or eating and want me to pick up the pace!), but it’s obvious you have no idea what mama or mom mean. You’re just playing with your sounds, and that’s fine with me. I could listen to you “talk” all day. Wait…I do! :)

As I already mentioned – you got your first tooth! It’s about time! You have been teething on and off since you were 5.5 months, and I’ve watched those two front teeth make your gums swell and go back to normal again more times than I can count. Finally, at the site of your soon-to-be bottom left tooth, a pretty large bump formed, and by the next day there was a hole and you could see the very top of your tooth. By the next day, it had emerged – and that thing is SHARP! You like to chomp on fingers and knuckles (probably to ease your teething pain) and when you do, that little tooth digs in and it HURTS!! But that’s okay, I can take it. ;) I see you running your tongue over it all the time like, what is this thing in my mouth? It’s so cute to see it when you smile really big, or even when you’re screaming. I’m sorry, I love you to pieces, but when you’re crying and I see your tiny lone tooth poking through your gums I can’t help but think it’s the cutest thing ever!

You had your first real sickness last weekend. You are not a drippy, snotty nose kid…this was your first experience with congestion and I have to say that we’ve both REALLY lucked out in that department. You were pretty miserable, and got extremely mad at me when I tried to use the sucky thing on your nose, but you got over it in like 3 days so we’ll take it! Your temp ranged from 100-102 without meds and it worried me a little, but you responded well to Tylenol & Midol and like I said…you were good as new so fast it was almost like it didn’t happen. But now Mommy has it, so…I guess we’re not completely healthy around here yet.

I know I said this last month (and every day since you’ve been born, and I probably will for as long as it’s true…) but I am the luckiest Mom in the world to get to stay home with you. Watching you slowly progress at things like perfecting your crawl or watching your tooth poke through are the best moments of my life. I would be such a bitter Mommy if someone else got to watch those moments with you. It hasn’t been easy, we’ve had to give up a lot and we still cut it close each month, but it is so worth it. You and your chubby little cheeks light up my life! :)

I love you more than anything in the world!!!!


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