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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dear Luke (6 Months)

Dear Luker, July 15, 2009

You are my little foodie! You’ve added green beans, peaches, blueberries (only mixed in with apples), oranges (only mixed in with bananas), and nectarines to your arsenal. I hope to add apricots, avocados and plums still this month. And next month we start meats and some other fun stuff, yay! You've also started eating gerber "puffs"...the little star shaped things that melt in your mouth, as well as tiny tiny tiny bits of whole fruit. You get SUCH a kick out of chewing! You don't have any teeth yet (there are 3 RIGHT at the surface about to pop through...I thought one already had but the next day it was buried again!), but you chew with your gums and smile at me the whole time like "check me out!". You've tried drinking little bits from a cup, but you're not really sure how you feel about those yet. Every time you see Mommy or Daddy with a cup you get excited the same way you do with a I know you understand what it is. We're starting sippie cups this month! But probably only with formula and water....Mommy is going to avoid juice like the plague!! I really don't want you to have it at ALL if we can avoid it!

You officially only sleep on your tummy - mom's not worried. You are so strong & steady! You can lift yourself so high up on your arms sometimes that your hips are the only things left touching the ground! You kick furiously like you're trying to crawl, but can't quite get your limbs coordinated yet. When Mommy lets you kick your feet off her hands, though, you shoot forward really fast and keep going as long as I'll let you!!

You have gotten SO interested in EVERYTHING! You have been for a while...but it's become so passionate now! You want to grab, touch, taste, feel, see EVERYTHING!!! Sometimes your eye catches something you want and you just LUNGE at it! No matter who is holding you, or if we weren't paying attention you could tumble right off the recliner towards your goal! You seem to have gained some confidence in the idea that you CAN move, and you CAN go after things you I think that, mixed with your constant efforts to TRY and move, say you'll be crawling real soon!

You LOVE LOVE LOVE ****! He is your favorite thing ever! You light up like nothing else when he crosses your path and you love to try and pet him. He's a lot better with you than he used to be, but still gets worried if you get too close. Your favorite toys are your barking puppy, your quacking ducks, Moxy (your uglydoll), board books (mostly to chew on), spoons, and wrappers to things - normally the wrappers from Mommy's 100 calorie packs. You will sit there and play with one for HOURS! You also like your exersaucer quite a seem to like it more every time you're in it.

You are a pro at standing! Sometimes you even try to "walk" when we hold you in a standing position. One thing you haven't mastered? Sitting. You can do it - you can even sit upright, alone, for a full minute or more...but then you completely topple over. I think the reason for this's a skill that doesn't involve moving, and moving is ALL you want to do!

You love to fake cough to get our attention. You think it's hilarious! You also do this new thing at dinner where you "blow raspberries" with food in your mouth so that your bib, arms, legs, high chair tray, and MOMMY are all covered in tiny little splashes of your food. Needless to say you take baths more often now! Speaking of baths - you don't hate them anymore! You used to kick and scream as soon as we brought you in the bathroom and the water was running. Now you're kind of fascinated!

At bedtime, we take you up to your room and change you into PJ's...then Daddy reads you a book, and then Mommy reads you Goodnight Moon. You try to take the books out of our hands - probably to chew on them! For the past week or so we've been teasing Daddy. Mommy pretty much has Goodnight Moon memorized (it was her favorite book when she was little!), so we told Daddy to name the things you say goodnight too that aren't introduced at the start of the book. He has guessed all the harder ones but is still missing the obvious ones! So every night we tell him..."we'll see if you're paying attention tomorrow night" :)

We went home for a trip to ******* this month. We started out at Grandma *******'s house, then went to **** Beach. We had SUCH a good time at the beach!! You loved sticking your toes in the sand and looking around at everyone and everything. You weren’t so sure about the water, though. And you were such a good little sleeper in your pack and play! After the beach, wee spent another day at Grandma *******'s, and then went up to ***** Lake. We had a lot of fun there, too - Uncle *** had you cracking up with the horn on the boat!! After our trip to the lake, we went back to Grandma *******'s, and had a 4th of July party at Aunt ******* & Uncle ***'s. That night I let Grandma ******* babysit you so Mommy & Daddy could go to the fireworks! We went with Aunt ***l, Uncle *** & Aunt *****. Mommy had a lot of fun but she missed you!! It was so weird to go somewhere without you! Then finally, on Sunday, you were baptized at the same church Mommy & Daddy got married in. Your Godparents are Aunt ******* and Uncle ***.

That was a pretty busy trip, obviously! You handled all the craziness even better than we could have hoped. Despite the hard time we had in the beginning, you have turned into one of the easiest, go-with-the-flow babies ever! Mommy thanks you for that!! : )

Thanks for being my baby, Lukey. I love you sooo super much! : )

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