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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dear Luke (5 Months)

Dear Luke, June 15, 2009

You became my little eating PRO this month! You started practically inhaling your meals! You love everything you try, including rice cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, peas, bananas, apples & pears. Eating is now your new favorite past time! You are very impatient with your food, though...crying until the last second it's put in your mouth, and getting angry if the next bite doesn't make it to you fast enough. I hope that this is just a typical baby phase...sometimes I wonder if it's a reaction created by you feeling unsatisfied with nursing for so long - like you always feel panicked to get enough. I hope that's not the case....if it is I feel even MORE guilty about my body not keeping up with you.

If you came to life in month four, you became an entertainer in month five! Smiling, giggling, laughing, babbling....all of which you did previously, but now you realize how much difference this makes socially and you use it to your advantage! You are such a little charmer!

You are totally obsessed with grabbing your toes and trying to get them in your mouth. You do this all day long it seems!

Mommy has been a little pre-occupied with making plans that could possibly mean a BIG change for our family, and I’m sorry about that. I try so hard to make my days all about you, but this current project really calls for a lot of Mommy’s attention. You have been so patient for me, playing with your toys and rolling around on your mat and I appreciate that so much! I hope that you get to benefit from what we have in store, because at the end of the day – it IS for you!

Sorry my letter is so short this month, little guy…it doesn’t mean you’re any less interesting! : ) In fact, you’re coming to life in small ways every single day…I just haven’t been the greatest at documenting it lately. Regardless, I love you to pieces and I’m so happy you’re in our lives!

I love you so much Baby!

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