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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dear Luke (4weeks Gestational Age)

Dear Baby,
May 11, 2008

I just found out about you today! I know you've been in there, growing & finding a nice spot to hang onto for the last two weeks now. I wish I would have known. I was expecting a little more intuition, but I think you had other plans in mind. I can already tell you are a loving soul - you revealed yourself to me, by complete surprise, on Mother's Day of all days. It's the best gift you will ever give me!

It hasn't set in yet. Right now all I can seem to do is look at that second faint line on the test I took and wonder what you look like in there. And though it may seem like you're just a pink line, you are SO much more than that. Your daddy & I are so happy to have you - you should have seen the smiles on our faces. It's going to be a long 36 weeks waiting for your arrival!

A tornado went through Huntersville tonight. Your daddy thought it would be funny to name you Tornado James if you're a boy. He thinks he's hilarious :)

We are extremely lucky to have you. We prayed for you for 5 months. It seemed like it was taking so long, when really - you came along long before most moms conceive their
babies. I feel so blessed that you're in there - I can't stop thinking about you. This will be too hard for you to understand for a very long time, but one of the most interesting things is the difference between pregnancy and you. When I first found out, all I could think about was the fact that someone was in there and all the things my body was about to go through. But now, I keep thinking the word "baby" - and it's incredible to me that in 9 months from now I will have one of my very own! I hope that everything goes well with this pregnancy.I already love you, and I will pray every day that God lets you stay in there full term.

Thank you for blessing our lives, already! I love you!


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