Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dear Luke (4 Months)

Dear Lukey Poo, May 15, 2009

You really came to life this month! Suddenly you were ALL SMILES, ALL THE TIME! All anyone had to do was look at you and you'd break out into a smile that your whole face participated in. I think this is the natural time for babies to "come to life" so to speak, but I think it was so extreme for you because A) you were finally satisfied on the eating front and B) you started sleeping very regularly!

For the first four months of your life, Mommy pretty much lived in the recliner with you. Feeding you, rocking you to sleep, letting you sleep there, playing there, reading there, you name it. At your 4 month appointment, Dr. T told us you were officially old enough to start nap training. Mommy had a lot to do around the house, so we decided to give it a try. It was a rough 4 days, but you figured it out! You started napping SO WELL in your crib...and your night sleep improved because of it. You started sleeping 8 or 9 hours - Mommy & Daddy sure loved that part!!

You also started eating solids this month! We gave you rice cereal on your 4 month birthday, and that was all you had for two weeks. Then you tried sweet potatoes & squash before the month was over. You loved them both, but squash gave you a little bit of diaper rash, so we’re going to wait a while before giving you that again.

Your Uncle **, Aunt *****, and cousin ***** came to visit this month also! It was a lot of fun! Mommy went to the mall with Aunt ***** and let you hang out with the boys for a while. When I got home, it sounded like you had a really good time with them! The three of them are crazy about you! (Well, so are the rest of your relatives!)

You became a rolling PRO this month! You'd just decided you felt like doing it one day....and after the first roll, you did it like it was no big thing! And as soon as rolling was in the picture, you also decided that you felt like tummy sleep was the only kind of sleep worth having anymore. Mommy would put you down on your back, and you'd instantly roll. This was a problem at first because you didn't like to be on your tummy...but that changed really fast when you realized how much more control of movement you had in that position! In fact, you ended up sleeping MUCH better as a result.

I feel like you’ve really grown into your features lately, too. I feel like I have a better idea of what you’re going to grow up to look like. You definitely have mommy’s eyes (the shape, anyway…yours are still a very bright blue), but the rest of you looks like your daddy, and oddly enough…your Aunt *******. I see so much of both of them in you! Sometimes, I even see your Grandpa ****’s smile on your face.

I love how silly and fun you’ve become lately. You make my days so much better! Thank you for letting me be your mommy! : )

I love you sooooo super much!!!

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