Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Luke (13 Months)

Dear Lukey,

Happy 13 Months! I had a hard time deciding how far I should go with your pictures & letters, and I realized that you're still going to do LOTS of changing in this next year (though probably not as drastically quick as the previous one) so it would be fun to document your growth. I think once you turn two, I may limit it to every 6 months and eventually every year. We'll see how it goes!

So. You're still not walking. We're really kind of shocked about that! You always seem SO close to taking off, but every time you try you get freaked out and stop. I really don't mind you taking your time!! I just can't wait to see you toddling all over the place. And you've got 5-1/2 months to go until your first "professional" walking gig - down the isle for Aunt Mallory's wedding. I cannot WAIT to see you in a mini-tux!!

You are all about words & sounds lately! That seems to have been the theme for the past few months now. I hear so many words come out of your mouth - but I think I might be the only one! Maybe it's that I spend so much more time with you than anyone else so I can easily spot new developments in how you say things, or maybe I'm just more tuned to your voice. But I SWEAR you say so many things that not everyone can hear! Your newest words are "duck" and "yuck" (which sounds like, guck) and you use them both appropriately. You say "cracker" about 1,000 times a day. You say "quack quack" every time you see a duck, or hear the word. You've also started saying a word for milk, that kind of sounds like "Mo".

This past month, we went though two of the worst illnesses of your life. The first one started a few days before your birthday, and transformed into a double ear infection and tonsillitis. We found this out by going to urgent care and you were on antibiotics for 10 days because of it. Only a few days after you finished your medicine, you came down with the stomach flu. This made your previous illness seem like a walk in the park! You were throwing up and pooping for 4 days straight. We finally had to take you to the emergency room at Children's hospital to get IV fluids. I think that was a harder experience for Mommy & Daddy than it was for you. It was absolutely terrible seeing them prick your arms and tape your left arm to a board and take blood and poke you for vitals...ugh. I hated it!! But it helped you recover from the nausea very well...the only thing that upset your stomach after that point was milk, so we stayed away from it for a few days and the rest of your illness cleared itself up. It was about 7 days from start to finish, and it was really TOUGH on all of us. You certainly had the worst of it, that's for sure. I was constantly worried about you getting too dehydrated or your diaper rash getting too out of control. I kept telling myself it was a good thing you're chubby...you didn't eat for 4 days straight!!! :)

The only thing you could keep down when you finally started to recover from being sick, was graham crackers. They were the ONLY thing you had any interest in eating. You've since become practically addicted to them!! I'm having a hard time getting you away from them!

I've noticed you getting better at making connections, lately. You're understanding simple cause & effect situations, and you get the idea of puzzles and shape sorting (despite not being able to do either WELL just yet). Just this morning, you were playing in the cupboard where all of your bottles and plates and spoons are. When you were finished digging everything out you wanted (major eye roll from Mommy, Luke...now I have to wash it all again!!), you decided you should close the cupboard door. You couldn't get it to close, so you kept re-opening it and pushing things around to try and make room for it to close. I was amazed at your realization that something needed fixing! You also have an idea of right and wrong, which makes me laugh every time. Whenever we catch you doing something that you're not sure you should be doing (even if it's okay!), you drop or THROW whatever you're holding as far away from you as you can, and crawl away in the other direction. Obviously you're going to be trouble with trying not to get caught later in life....but for now, it's the concept of you even KNOWING that "hmm, maybe I shouldn't be doing this..." that amazes me. It's really kind of sweet, at times, because some of these things are completely innocent, but you're still worried that you're doing something wrong.

Speaking of sweet - you've started giving kisses! It's very much so on your own time....you don't always give them out when asked, unless you really want to. But....I love it! It's sooo adorable. You also "pat" me on the back or the leg when I've given you something to eat or if we're playing with something and you're having fun....it cracks me up!! You also cheer yourself on, constantly...it's soo cute. When you know you've done a good job of something, you clap and say "ahhhhh" which is your version of "yay". You also do it when you're happy about something - like when the General Hospital theme song comes on, or when I bring you some milk, or when music time on Nick Jr. starts (you LOVE music - you can recognize a beat from a mile away!!). And one sweet thing I could do without? You share all of your food with the dogs. I really appreciate you sharing - you are so incredibly sweet about it, and I love it when you do so with a PERSON! But you don't discriminate...you share with them, too, and they've learned to stalk your high chair and steal food right from your hands.

You love to play peek-a-boo....but with YOU doing the peek-a-boo-ing! You hide your face and then "raaar" at your victim :) Sometimes you hide behind a book to do it...or you will hold it in someone else's face and then lift it up and "raaar".

You are such a happy guy...you are always smiling, giggling, clapping, and looking for ways to have fun. I love that you love life so much!! And I love that you share all of it with me!

I love you, little man!!!

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