Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dear Luke (10 Months)

Dear Lukey Poo, November 15, 2009

How in the world are you 10 months old? I mean really, double digits? I'm not so sure I'm okay with this little man!

It's been yet another busy month for you! When it comes to mobility, you are getting awfully daring. In addition to your light-speed crawling and mountain climbing, you now cruise around furniture like it's no problem at all. You make more risky maneuvers like reaching from one object to the next while standing - sometimes falling on your butt as a result! Most recently, you've been standing on your own for a few seconds at a time. It never lasts long, because as soon as you realize what you're doing you panic and start reaching for the nearest stable surface.

You added two new teeth to your collection this month - the top front ones, which brings your total up to 4. They don't have a lot of length yet, so you can only see them when you make a point to look in there. It won't be long before they are showing up in pictures too!

You celebrated your first Halloween this month! You were a lobster and everyone LOVED it! The costume itself annoyed you a little...the extra limbs got in your way when tried to crawl, and the claws on your hands kept you from getting food in your mouth easily. You also hated having the hood on, but at times you wouldn't notice and you'd chew on your own little antennas. It was a big hit with everyone who saw you. We wanted something a little more unique than what most babies would be wearing, and even in the crowded mall you were the only lobster I could see! :)

Moving to ******* seemed to be a fairly easy transition for you! While the end of our drive was a little frustrating (simply because you sat in your little seat for 12 hours...we were ALL restless with you!), you did pretty good. Since we'd just visited home a few weeks before, you settled right into being at Grandmas house. Your sleep schedule kept up, you ate and played like're already fully adjusted. You really are an EASY baby!!

Not to mention...talkative! I don't think there's ever a moment anymore when you're not "saying" something. All day long you're saying "ba-ba-ba", "ma-ma-ma", "da-da-da", "ya-ya-ya" and once in a while "ga-ga-ga". You're starting to sign "more" and "eat", and you also shake your head no. Every time I put you on your changing table to change your diaper you start shaking your head no at's kind of hilarious that you think that will get me to stop. :)

Your meals have gotten a little more substantial lately. I've let you try a lot of real solid foods and you're really enjoying it. Your favorite is spaghetti (sauce included) chopped up, and chunks of fruit. You're also still crazy about any form of bread - this week you were in love with rye, that surprised me!! (The kind without seeds, of course) I always end up sharing whatever I have with you...more like, you stalk me anytime I have food until I give you your menu is constantly expanding!

Another thing you've started doing is dancing! You've always been very very interested in anything even remotely musical, but now you sway back and forth to any little tune you hear. And you pick up on ALL of them - even if it's just someone humming! Whenever you hear music on TV (like, a theme song, or a jingle on a commercial) you stop what you're doing and smile at the screen until the music is doing playing. Recently you were on a rocking horse, and Grandma Yaya started saying "ahh-ah" (a sound you'd have to hear in person to know what I mean) while you were rocking back and forth. Ever since then, you make the noise yourself and rock back and forth - and anytime any of us make the noise you join in - it's too funny!

You have really and truly come alive lately...your personality is so bright and silly. You laugh more than ever, and now you even try to get US to laugh. You are always smiling, screeching, giggling, exploring, climbing, dancing, and finding true happiness in the simplest things. I love being able to see all of that! :)

I love you SO much little man!!


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